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The Lawn Care Service




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just in the process of making the leap of faith and starting my own lawncare business. I have worked for Greenthumb for just over 3 years, and currently have a full time job whilst doing my lawncare work on weekends for the handful of customers I have as I don't have enough work to go on my own just yet. I have 1000 A6 leaflets ready to go and recently built a website via I have posted around 200 leaflets so far with not much return as of yet. I offer the same service as Greenthumb of course. feed and weed treatments, aeration scarification, overseeding and full lawn makeovers along with mowing. not really looking to get into planting etc as I have more knowledge in the lawn treatment side. I just really enjoy bringing a lawn back to life


PA1 and PA6 spraying licences obtained.

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Maintenance, Lawn Care

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