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Started working at a garden centre while studying for a PhD in Sociology. Funding dropped out of the PhD, I ended up as the plant buyer and a couple of years down the line I decided to set up my own business. I specialise in border renovation and maintenance and with the background as a plant buyer I am more of a plantsman than a landscaper. I firmly beleive that almost all gardens can benefit from soil improvement every spring. I feel like I'm a fraud as almost all of my work in getting borders to look fantastic is in preparing the soil in Spring. Nature tends to do the rest... I love the nursery aspect of gardening - dividing, replanting, tidying plants up & pruning and generally looking after plants. It's not so much the specific act of looking after the plants as much as seeing the end result, which I know is partly due to my management. Gardening is, after all, all about the plants (although Diarmuid Gavin and his followers may disagree...). I think it's knowledge of the plantcare aspect that seems to give you guru status, even when you can only expect to know how to look after a tiny proportion of the enormous world of flora. *Note* I no longer run the business and am concentrating on different things. I continue to work on my own garden and blog / write on wordpress (

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other, Found the main landscape juice site through google and just followed the link. I was looking for a gardening blog to read...