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Mother Nature is a cow

It's official - Mother Nature hates me.Last week, the weather closed in over Halifax, we had freezing and snow and hail and horrible rain. Fereday duly migrated to warmer climes. He was fully back in the nest with kneepads consigned to the cellar and oven gloves donned in place of gardening gloves.... there were more clean socks, pants, tee-shirts and work clothes than you could reasonably shake a stick at..... (true, a couple of underwire bras look like they've moonlighted in a Uri Gellar special, but it seemed a small price to pay)... historic mince pies and lovely dinners. In all truth, I thought we were done for the season and could relax into quiet time....Then I wake up on Tuesday to find 'Gardening Andy' has returned (grubby combats, outdoorsy jumper - worst of all - cheery smile) and he's off into the sunrise, happily humming away to himself!!!! So, off I wandered to work, desolate nest behind me... feeling slightly lopsided....On another note, I wonder if anyone saw Barry Manilow on Graham Norton last week? Two thoughts came to mind...1) he 'dances' like his trousers are sharp...2) does Rod Stewart know he's escaped from the attic???(The last one is just to prove to my Mom that she doesn't need to fill in the refund form on the back of my degree.... I did get some value from the English Lit class which covered Oscar Wilde afterall!!!)
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Why this Garden Works

Each article is presented by landscape designer, Tracy Rich, who will examine a single garden and provide design tips based on that garden's layout, materials and planting.

Tuinen Mien Ruys

Mien Ruys' own garden in the Netherlands is the ideal place to start a new series on design articles on 'Why this Garden Works'.

Lan Su Chinese Garden

Lan Su is a great example of urban garden design. Its whole purpose is to help people relax and to inspire creativity by connecting with nature, even in the centre of town. 

Hauser & Wirth Garden

The main wow factor of this garden is the large perennial meadow out the back called Oudolf Field after its famous Dutch designer, Piet Oudolf. However, the gallery complex also contains some other very interesting spaces.


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