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Slippery softwood decking, here is Jackson Landscape Designs durable, anti slip, aesthetically pleasing, money saving solution for all gardens and landscapes in Newton Abbot, Devon and surrounding areas.

Hazardous softwood deck

Dangerous softwood decks

Do you have an area of slippery softwood decking in your garden? Are you no longer using the decking area because it is a treacherous surface when wet? Have you, members of your family or friends fallen on the slick decking surface? 

Remember how much of your hard earn money you spent on the material and labour to have this decking installed, I know and you know it wasn't cheap.

I personally never jumped on the softwood decking bandwagon many years ago as I knew of the numerous problems the material would bring to hundreds of thousands of people just like your self, my reason for steering 180 degrees from it is because its the wrong product for the UK as it is not up to our weather conditions.

Softwood decking is naturally porous enough that it doesn't get slick when it's wet, water accumulating after rain along with general dirt and debris build-up can make your deck slippery. However, a grey or black fungus can grow on it that is barely noticeable when it's dry, but is like grease when it's wet.

Slippery softwood decking

Slippery softwood decking

You have more than likely pressure washed the deck or scrubbed it with a chlorine bleach/ water mix to remove that fungus? DONT....the pressure washer lifts, tears and damages the wood fibers on the surface of the decking board making it less resistant to water ingress and is therefore a breeding ground for moss and algae, once the fibers are torn the surface will be slipperier in the long term.

Some of you may have tried an Anti-Slip Decking paint? or anti slip stick on decking strips? A complete waste of time and money, these products will wear away with light pedestrian usage and lift when wet.

I have listened to stories of wearing suitable foot wear with rubbery soles.... complete nonsense.... a slippery deck will have us all on our backsides regardless of the attire on your feet( unless you drive two inch into your soles!!)

Forums online advise mixing fine sand with whatever product you 'paint' decking with, but if you're thinking of 'painting' it with something like yacht varnish, then remember that those type of products only sit on the surface of the wood and, consequently, will flake off over time making your deck look a complete mess. 


Up until yesterday I have always advised any new prospect or client to dismantle and burn the rubbish...after all it'll save the NHS pot loads of money !! possibly yourself if a visitor falls on your property.....

But today I advise you to keep the whole structure of the softwood decking...... or replace any rotten decking boards with new..... contradicting my self but wait, I'll explain.

You no longer need to be advised to replace all that structure and surface material and spend even more money by replacing with paving and all the sub base, pointing and laying materials, never mind the labour and waste charges that would also be included.

My cost effective, durable, anti slip, aesthetically pleasing solution to this ever increasing hazardous decking problem is by covering the surface with a permeable artificial lawn and nailing to the decking with 25mm ring shank clout nails.

Artificial grass

Artificial lawns

Your affected decking will be washed with an anti fungicidal wash and all debris power washed out, small holes will be bored through the decking boards for drainage at 200mm centers. (Don't worry the wife's heels wont go through and pierce your new artificial grass)

Your new fake lawn is supplied and delivered with no carriage charge in 4m and 2m wide rolls, if the area is larger than the roll width then the seamless jointing tape is required to give you a fake lawn without the visible jointing lines.

Hazardous Decking Before

Hazardous decking before

Once the entire area has been drilled then the artificial lawn is rolled out, cut to suit and nailed at 100mm centers. All off cuts are removed and your none slip surface is brought to life for many years to come, all you need to do is wash the lawn with warm soapy water and hose down once a year !!

Non hazardous decking after.

Non hazardous decking after

Samples of the artificial lawn can be presented to you at your request, for more information on artificial lawns please click here.

Oh... and here's the best bit of news for your..... the Grono 30mm artificial lawn is supplied to you by Jackson's Landscape Design for under £20+vat per square meter, labour is charged dependent on the size of the decked area to be covered.

We are approved installers of the Grono artificial lawn.

Grono artificial lawn

For all inquires on the installation of artificial lawns over softwood decks please contact me, Kerry Jackson, on 01626 332533.


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