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Planting within a rammed earth garden

A3 hand drawn planting plans are designed created for your gardens, landscape and rammed earth projects, all plants will include full names, positions and quantities of plants for each planting area, the planting plan will be numbered with the correct plant information required. 

Day 16

Sika pavefix grey pointing compound is brushed into the paving joints and struck with a pointing iron....the paving must be completely dry to apply this product.....I'm aware of other products on the market but I'm put off with the froth they produce!

The additional horizontal fence is completed and painted to the lower tier, the plants are positioned and planted with an application of J Arthur Bower's Fish Blood and Bone  to each plant. 

Plants List:

3 x Dryopteris Affinis

4 x Stipa Tennuissima

2 x Phormium Sundowner

2 x Phormium Platts Black

2 x Phormium Evening Glow

2 x Phormium Cream Delight

2 x Choisya Sundance

6 x Stipa Arundinacea

4 x Rosmarinus Officinalis McConnells Blue

1 x Trachelospurnum Jasminoides

1 x Jasminum Nudiflorum

2 x Cornus Alba Sibirica

4 x Hebe Sutherlandii

The new lawn has now been levelled, raked and the turf rolled out with staggered joints...A good watering has instantly  been undertaken and will continue to have a good watering for 28 days .....I just hope heed is taken with urine burns and cutting too soon.

Planting schedule Devon

Sika Pavefix creates great contrast against the light cream paving.

Vandex BB75 has been mixed with a drill and paddle and applied by brush to the entire water sump to eliminate any loss of water, an 8mm hole for the pump cable has bored through the garage wall and the cable threaded through and sealed off.

An application of black masonry paint has been applied to the concrete plinth and capping to the rammed earth water feature, once dry 2 coats of matt acrylic sealant are applied to the entire water wall.

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  • Well done Kerry!

    So glad you have persisted with using rammed earth in your projects.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    Michael. rammed-earth.org

  • Hi Michael

    With out your rammed earth course none of what you see would have been achieved.

    You should be proud of your self Michael.....I did say that I would open up this niche market....remember?...I'm sure you do...any way a massive thanks.


    Rammed Earth UK

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