Planting 5 litre versus 2-3 litre

For many years, 2 or 3 litre plants have become the boring, industry tradition.

At the South West Landscape Centre, we intend to change this tradition and show, that larger plants are actually better value for money for Landscapers and Garden Designers.

With 2-3 litre Shrubs, say costing £3.50-£4.50 each, Trade.  What you get is something normally Tunnel grown, covered in fleece over the Winter, so safe for planting out in a domestic garden around April?

At the SWLC, all of our 5 litre Shrubs are grown outside, on what is a very windy site!  So our Landscape & Garden Design customers have a tough, top quality plant in a 5 litre pot, costing £4.15.

Indeed with Herbaceous, Landscapers and Designers tend to plant 3 x 2 litre for impact.  So for example 3 x 2 litre Herbaceous at £2.70 each is £8.10.  Why?  When you can achieve the same impact with one 5 litre Herbaceous costing only £4.15.

So with 5 litre plants, the planting costs are less, per square metre, when compared against 2-3 litre!

Losses also raise an issue.

2-3 litre plants can fail.  5 litre plants are big enough to survive most things.

We support Landscapers and Garden Designers.

Therefore, at the SWLC, we guarantee ALL of our own 5 litre Shrubs and above, for 12 months after sale.  If our plant fails, due to it being a bad or sub-standard plant, then we will replace it, free of charge.

Not many Wholesale Nurseries do this for Landscapers & Garden Designers. 

In fact, to our knowledge, the SWLC is the only Wholesale Nursery offer this level of support to Landscapers and Garden Designers.

It is nice to be ahead of the game.  

This is unique customer service offered by the SWLC.

From Tuesday 21st February, you can all view our customer commitment, on our new website,




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  • Interesting point about smaller plants being tunnel grown and therefore too soft for winter planting. I come from a landscape architecture background and am used to schemes using large volumes of shrubs & perennials in smaller sizes, and to planting going on at any time through the winter providing the ground wasn't waterlogged or frozen. I wasn't aware that many standard landscape plants are grown in a way which means they may not be suitable for winter planting - how widespread is this? and is it more prevalent in recent years? I don't remember having high losses 10 years or so ago when I was doing this sort of scheme. Maybe winters were more forgiving then!

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