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Pellenc, the world’s leading expert in battery-powered tools for maintaining landscapes, has completed its range of battery-powered products for professionals with the launch of the Airion 3 blower.

The rewarding result of the company’s innovation and experience in multifunctional, long-life batteries, this remarkably lightweight and perfectly balanced new tool offers ergonomic benefits which are essential to user comfort. The Airion 3 also has the special feature of being both quiet and odourless.

Dynamic balance

Whereas traditional blowers tend to swing downward towards the nozzle, the Airion 3 has an angled air intake, which offsets the swing effect from the air blast. This keeps the tool correctly balanced at any speed setting without putting strain on the wrist. This design also significantly reduces the blower's noise disturbance for people in the surrounding environment, with the added benefit that the user no longer needs to wear ear defenders.

A robust, multi-purpose blower

The Airion 3 is the ideal tool for cleaning jobs in urban areas, parks or gardens. Its speed controller and boost feature make it possible to manage the blowing power based on the surface to be cleared. Even leaves that are soft, wet or stuck to the ground are no match for the Airion.

Protected against dust and moisture, the blower is also designed to withstand the test of time. Its motor is housed in a magnesium alloy body that guarantees both proper temperature dissipation and total sealing (IP54). The Airion 3 benefits from several improvements over its predecessor: new materials for the air intake elbow and the outlet nozzle, as well as a new cable with high fatigue resistance, which considerably increases the tool's service life.

Increased productivity

The tool’s battery level display, available with the 1200 and 1500 batteries, makes it possible to manage battery life perfectly. In addition, the Airion 3 is the first tool in the Pellenc range to profit from the Fast Connector system for rapid tool connection / disconnection. This feature allows you to quickly remove the tool while working if there is a risky situation or to use both hands freely without having to remove the back battery.

All Pellenc batteries and tools come with a three-year commercial warranty and are distributed in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Etesia UK.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit www.pellencuk.com

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john jones replied to John F's discussion Best Tap / Hose connections
"Hozelock pro is a vast improvement on the normal range. "
1 hour ago
Chris White, Mark Wills and Albert-85@hotmail.it joined Landscape Juice Network
1 hour ago
Jim Gibbon replied to Ali Launder's discussion Tool Maintenance
"All looks very nice to me Dan, great mower too!  Just be careful though because it has been said in this discussion that a sign written van only 'gives the impression that you're professional'. Too many 'tradesmen' fall into that category:)"
3 hours ago
Busy Bee Garden Services Limited replied to John F's discussion Best Tap / Hose connections
"I rate claber stuff, seems a tighter fit but maybe that’s subjective......."
5 hours ago
Seth Burgess replied to John F's discussion Best Tap / Hose connections
"Metal hozelocks/gardena premium are good. Having enough female connectors so you never have to take them off of the hose is even better."
6 hours ago
Andrew holt replied to Chris Lloyd-Davies's discussion Viking MB 655 RS rear roller mower
"well i never made it to the dealers, but my lawnflite mowers on ebay and im about to order a rm 655 rs, looking forwards to the upgrade!"
6 hours ago
John F replied to John F's discussion Best Tap / Hose connections
"Thanks Graham , Yes i put it down to the the above , I find even new connectors dont seem to last very long , even the brass ones seem to leak after a short while . I cut the hose pipe like you mention but just wish the connectors had a better grip…"
9 hours ago
Graham Taylor replied to John F's discussion Best Tap / Hose connections
"I've always found Hozelock pretty good....................      I've invariably found the water leaks drips are either caused by a worn/compresed O ring or else the hose end has stretched where it pushes onto the "spigot" in the connector...... just…"
12 hours ago
John F replied to Ali Launder's discussion Tool Maintenance
"I like to focus on keeping tools sharp and lubricated but my main focus which merges into what Dan mentions is what tools are really necessary to have on board , i try and look after tools so it does away with the necessity to carry a spare in case…"
12 hours ago
Landscape Juice replied to Brett Hardy's discussion Company business sharing apps & collaborative software help
"The ones often mentioned are: Basecamp, Trello and Slack."
12 hours ago
John F posted a discussion
Any recommendations for the best brand of tap and hose pipe connections which do not leak or drip when in use , I currently find hozelock the most efficient but even they are not 100% water tight . many thanks . 
13 hours ago
Dan Frazer Gardening replied to Ali Launder's discussion Tool Maintenance
"All I'm saying is people run business differently and shouldn't be put down by Gary because they don't clean tools as often as he.
Here's my van. It's not been washed since December. Does it strike you as the van of someone who doesn't take pride in…"
14 hours ago
Dan Frazer Gardening replied to Ali Launder's discussion Tool Maintenance
"Why is a business that does things different to you guilty of "just don't get it", "poor at time management " and the wrong "personal attitude"? 
The respectful way to discuss this would have been "this is what I do, how about you", rather than "thi…"
15 hours ago
Jim Gibbon replied to Ali Launder's discussion Tool Maintenance
"I find it quite telling how defensive about not cleaning tools some of you are. To the point of being really childish. For example;
Tools and van are clean therefore you are only giving the impression of being professional. You can't be doing a grea…"
15 hours ago
Dan Frazer Gardening replied to Ali Launder's discussion Tool Maintenance
"I take great pride in my work and have a fantastic image.  It doesn't mean my felcos are shiny... You could increase the efficiency of your business by adding a couple of more jobs each week instead of doing unnecessary cleaning... try it :) "
16 hours ago
mark thomas replied to Jon Perry's discussion Honda GCV 170
"Cheers Seth, thanks for the reply...."
18 hours ago

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