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Who Are We?Paysage Durable is the encompassing name of a group of independent small businesses, whom between them have the specialism in all sustainable and organic elements of the Landscaping and Horticultural industry. Combining the traditional techniques with modern innovative techniques and products.Why sustainable?Whilst the businesses within the Paysage Durable group have had many years experience in this field, there is now a major push from both client desire and also from Governmental policy, both by Country and through European Union policies to adopt sustainable techniques as the norm.Landscaping and Horticulture is lucky that it is by tradition a sustainable industry, that has lost only a proportion of these techniques in post WWII years, largely due to combining elements of both modern construction and modern agricultural methods into the garden industry. As financing for sustainable and organic products is now considerably greater than for the chemical market and with considerable research into new organic and sustainable techniques it is possible to design, create and manage a garden to a higher quality, which is sustainable and at equal cost, without any compromise to the clients desires.What is a sustainable garden?Using the best definition available for sustainable development, from the Brundtland Commission - "meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." It is possible to determine that a sustainable garden is one where the current design and maintenance does not interfere with the lands ability for its optimal future production and neither harm the optimal biodiversity which is, (or could be) contained within itAt Paysage Durable we go a step further, there is a need for all the activities of those within the group to ensure every technique and method to create a garden is not to the detriment of surrounding people or property. The creation, (not just the realisation) of a garden needs to maximise the potential for environmental enhancement, it needs to use local and natural materials if possible, recycled if not, it needs to be ecologically friendly containing suitable habitats for all natural fauna. And not least, it needs to work for the present owner and future owners.www.paysagedurable.com
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John Barratt MCIHort posted a discussion
does anyone know where I can hire either of the above in the Yorkshire region. Not having much luck searching the net. Thanks
2 hours ago
Fusion Media posted blog posts
5 hours ago
Graham Taylor replied to Ali Launder's discussion Tool Maintenance
"True.... it does give the impression you're "professional" with clean tools and a clean signwritten van but I've seen too many "tradesman" that fall into that category and do a shocking job..... just seen a couple of jobs like this, immediately oppo…"
5 hours ago
Seth Burgess replied to Jon Perry's discussion Honda GCV 170
"Fortnightly wet grass it doesnt really have an issue with. Isn't brimming the bag full but its mostly full, the fill indicator stops you clogging the chute up anyway. But yes if its only used for collecting I would swap the blade for a high quality…"
6 hours ago
Chris & Heather McAlpine replied to James Todman's discussion Anyone tried a battery powered lawnmower?
"We run a battery mower for those small or difficult to access lawns.  It's a Bosch Rotak so has a small rear roller.  Finish is ok and a battery gives you about 35 minutes, we carry two.  Can pick it up with one hand a d is great for taking up steps…"
9 hours ago
mark thomas replied to Jon Perry's discussion Honda GCV 170
"Hi Seth...does that stiga collect wet grass ok ?
or would it be best with a Oregon hi lift one ?"
13 hours ago
Jonny Armour replied to James Todman's discussion Anyone tried a battery powered lawnmower?
"I always carry an EGO mower in the van, and highly recommend! The mower folds down and can stand uoright so it sits nicely next to the wheel arch. Petrol is always going to provide a better finish in my eyes, however, it has been a beneficial buy in…"
23 hours ago
Seth Burgess replied to Gary RK's discussion New kid on the block ? Toro ProStrip 560 ?
"Personally I have thought for the amount of work a commerical mower goes through in its life and the amount of money they can make you. They're pretty cheap!"
Jon Perry replied to Jon Perry's discussion Honda GCV 170
"So far, so good. The cut is fine for my purposes. The mower seems solid and well put together. Clutch (dual cone) a definite improvement on my previous mower. Easy to start, manoeuvrable and collects well (although no bag full indicator). You get th…"
Graeme @ BGS replied to Gary RK's discussion New kid on the block ? Toro ProStrip 560 ?
"Only 3 year Domestic, standard 1 year for commercial"
Mel Bagley is now a member of Landscape Juice Network
Dion Scott replied to Jon Perry's discussion Honda GCV 170
"Hi Jon, just wondering what you think of the Mountfield now you have it. I'm looking at the same machine - first impressions? "
Andrew holt replied to Chris Lloyd-Davies's discussion Viking MB 655 RS rear roller mower
"im in need of a 21" rear roller, my lawnflites on its last legs, the stihl rm 655 rs is top of the list, going into the dealers today to take a look at.one."
Chris Howlett is now a member of Landscape Juice Network
mark gourlay, Jason Smith and Kathleen Lamb joined Landscape Juice Network
Andrew holt replied to Gary RK's discussion New kid on the block ? Toro ProStrip 560 ?
"i like what your saying lol, and I'd also like to know how it fairs up in the rain."

For Sale

Due to ill health I am changing my maintenance business and can no longer manage the weight and size of this mower and wonder whether anyone here would like it. Weibang Legacy 48 PRO BBC bought in October 2016 and with 221 genuine hours.  Receipts…

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