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Due to popular visitor demand, show organisers have revealed that an increased number of indoor demonstrations will be taking place at SALTEX 2020 in a large dedicated arena on the show floor.

At SALTEX 2019 the Eco Village demonstration area offered visitors the opportunity to experience the latest green technology in groundscare and played host to daily demonstrations of cutting-edge sustainable products, which included electric mowers, loaders, brushcutters, hedgecutters, chainsaws and woodchippers.

This feature proved to be a huge success and attracted large crowds of onlookers, which gave exhibitors the opportunity to promote their products in more detail. In fact, every exhibitor that participated in the Eco Village reported an increase in footfall to their stand and claimed that it helped them generate a significant amount of sales leads.

3985391892?profile=RESIZE_710xAt last year’s SALTEX event, Avant UK demonstrated its new electric loader in the Eco Village and John Spencer, national sales manager, felt that it put them directly in the spotlight. 

“SALTEX is the UK’s flagship event in the groundscare industry and when the opportunity arose to promote our products within the Eco Village, we jumped at the chance.

“A working area is a great show feature - visitors love live demonstrations. It’s good to see all the machines and equipment on static stands but getting the chance to see them in action is a great opportunity.

“Last year’s Eco Village proved popular with the visitors, as a good size crowd gathered each time we demonstrated. Not only did this gain interest in our electric models, but it also drew the visitors to our main stand to look at all our other diesel and petrol models too.”

Allett Mowers used the Eco Village to showcase its walk-behind electric cylinder mower and managing director Austin Jarrett, also felt that it maximised the company’s presence at the show.

3985394631?profile=RESIZE_710x“It certainly drove more visitors to our stand. We were busy on both days right up until the end of the show. It helped visitors put us on the tick list in terms of exhibitors they wanted to see on the show floor, and it gave us the opportunity to talk to more people about our products,” he said.

Many exhibitors are already signing up to the new demonstration feature which is set to be more than twice the size of the Eco Village.

Commenting on the enlarged demonstration arena, SALTEX and events director Luke Perry said: “The success of SALTEX is achieved by listening to every single piece of feedback following a show. According to the post-show visitor survey there is a real desire to see more indoor demonstrations on the show floor. Therefore, for SALTEX 2020 we have taken the decision to display more indoor demonstrations and make the experience even better.

“Not only will it be a fantastic attraction for visitors, but it will also be a great opportunity for exhibitors to proudly put their products directly in front of over 9,000 relevant visitors who have the appetite and budget for new equipment.”

SALTEX 2020 will take place at the NEC, Birmingham on 4 and 5 November.

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Colin Hunt replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
"Also, annual contracts are very important at this time.  
28 minutes ago
Graham Taylor replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
"This is why its important not to have the majority of your work with grasscutting.... With garden maintenance,  there's always other work to do in a garden in a dry spell.   "
1 hour ago
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Paul foster replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
"Lawns are bone dry here in north London, could be a long old summer if this continues, don't normally have to look around a job and save something for " next time " till July , August, I assume this is on record for the driest spring?"
4 hours ago
Adrian Noble replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
"Bet you wern't expecting to have the dreist Spring after the wetest winter on record!
Having these long dry spells is not good for business as people wanting estamites seem to dry up. "
5 hours ago
Mark replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
Just outside Crewe here - yep finding the same as you. Lawns very dry and stressed, very little growth. I'm discussing the situation with clients when I arrive - coming to a joint decision re mow or not. Most lawns up to now have taken a mow /…"
5 hours ago
Colin Hunt replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
"S.E. Essex and virtually no rain since the lock down.  Has been a real help as the normal spring weeds have been slow and grass-growth has not been as prolific as normal. We have been able to reduce visits thus helping with our Covid 19 precautions.…"
12 hours ago
Colin Anson replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
"Same here...wakefield area. Had the first phone call yesterday from a customer saying their grass didn't need cutting. On the plus the tips are opening, so less grass to cut will give me a chance to catch up on the backlog of hedgecutting…"
12 hours ago
BCH Gardens replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
"I am in Perthshire in Scotland, I have already had sprinklers out on some lawns twice or three times..........
April we had 23mm rain total
So far May has produced 47mm rain
35mm of which was last weekend.  Been warm and sunny ever since.  23 degree…"
12 hours ago
Andrew Coates replied to Andrew Coates's discussion New Venture
"Morning Vic.What a calming and understanding read.I totally understand.Thankyou so much for the thorough explanation.
Thanks to Vic to."
13 hours ago
Colin Hunt replied to Andrew Coates's discussion New Venture
"What Vic said +1 
13 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Edward baker's discussion Lawn feed without weed and moss kill
"So you want the moss, but don't want the moss? I can understand what you mean, but really you need to get rid of the moss altogether and just have healthy grass."
21 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to Andrew Coates's discussion New Venture
"As Jim has said, pricing is critical. If you undercharge a customer at the start you won’t be able to correct that with them later. So if you charge £25 when it should be £50, they won’t wear a doubling of the charge further down the road. Who would…"
21 hours ago
Edward baker replied to Craig Flatters's discussion How long till we stop mowing?
"I missed a couple of weekly cuts out this afternoon. Even a fortnightly cut I did this morning the grass was quite short.
East yorks based."
21 hours ago
Edward baker replied to Edward baker's discussion Lawn feed without weed and moss kill
"Thanks for the advice,  I don't think mo bactor is the answer as without moss there would hardly be any lawn left! I'll look for marathon sport. 
I've got some seaweed stuff ( carnt remember the name at mo ) but it kills the moss too, so no good in…"
21 hours ago
David Hooper replied to Sean Payne's discussion Tripod Ladders
"I use the adjustment bar to level it and scaf boards on the tread side. Never got any one to hold it for me. Its a bit wobbly at the top but still stable. I never stand over the Apex. I've had it 12yrs years, it's never fallen over and I've not fall…"
22 hours ago

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