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John Fulton replied to Phil Voice's discussion How do you define 'fully qualified' in our industry?
"Plus who trains the trainers ?   I have had some highly  incompetent teachers over the years with paper qualifications bluffing their way ?  On one course i wont mention the industry but the trainers had simply done a course got tickets and were dup…"
13 minutes ago
Peter Davis replied to Peter Davis's discussion Warning Stihl
"So they really aren't as good as the old ones. Turns out the gearbox is wrecked. Both con rods, bearings etc.  Luckily lots of diagrams online but some confusion over whether the top & bottom crank bearings are the same.
This one has lasted a quarte…"
49 minutes ago


Hi All, I was wondering has anybody come accross a product for soil improvement call Terracottem.The link below goes into the details of how it works,but I feel it could be a very interesting product for gardeners for the future, with a suitable…

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Warning Stihl

I got a nasty surprise & a cut finger      Something has come out of the casing & it's very sharp.  So disappointing as I had the previous cutter for 15 years of commercial use & no problems. This one has only had a few years of very light use. …

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11 Replies · Reply by Peter Davis 49 minutes ago