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Speed up whip planting with the Turf Teq Trencher

A 636m stretch of native hedgerow mix whips planted by Rob Bowditch and his crew, with great ease, using the Turf Teq Trencher which really speeded up the job. Great team work!


Turf Teq design and manufacture a range of walk-behind Power Rakes, Edger

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Stephen r Brook-Smith replied to Richard's discussion Quoting?
"I'd personally cut that for £25/£30 Leaving the waste behind
 once you go in too cheap the word will quickly spread to friends , family and neighbours and you may fast become a busy fool , it then becomes very hard to increase your prices and…"
5 minutes ago
David Benson replied to Lee Hazley's discussion Compact Lawn tractor suggestions
" see what your local deallers have to offer but first you want to know what you want to do with it is it cutting a lawn or fields, what type of tyers you require, do you need a cab on it, how mutch you want to pull and over what tarain the list goes…"
6 hours ago
Lee Hazley posted a discussion
Hi all, Sorry to ask but I'm new here and I couldn't find the posts about which was the best all round garden tractor for cutting, towing, and maybe with a front loader attachment for loading etcI look after an estate and told new owners that we…
8 hours ago
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12 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to robert pryor's discussion edging shears problems
"They need tightening [or at least checking] on a fairly regular basis. Ideally they should be fitted with a Nyloc nut. Sometimes these need replacing. Other than that – threadlock.
20 hours ago
robert pryor replied to robert pryor's discussion edging shears problems
"Surley they need to be close together (tightish) all along the cutting point otherwise they are not going to cut well. They just fold the grass over. I’m going to have a good look at them.
21 hours ago
robert pryor replied to robert pryor's discussion edging shears problems
"Thanks Glen, yes i’ve heard CK are good but expensive, i’ll have to check my bank balance first!
Maybe the Bahco are a better bet"
21 hours ago
Billybop replied to James's discussion What is average cost for mowing a garden?
"fair do's Lee, obviously after allowable expenses etc, you could well be under the threshold, I don't disbelieve you. Plenty of businesses racking up losses so if can keep your head above water on what you do fair play to you. To my mind this…"
Lee Davis replied to James's discussion What is average cost for mowing a garden?
"I fill my tax returns out every year and they tell me I don't need to pay any. All my big customers pay online. But they closed the bank so I don't pay the cash in anymore. There is nothing wrong with that."
Mjc replied to Lee Davis's discussion New mower time!
"Hi, to be honest I was wary of the 476 only going down to 25mm, but I have hardly ever had to use lowest setting. If I have a really short lawn to mow I can use my hayter 41 pro. Maybe it's partly down to the mild, wet spring weather we have now…"
Paul Matischok posted a discussion
I have an Etesia mkehh 12 months old with 250hrs on clock. When mowing the elecric clutch sounds like it is switching off and on quickly, never cutting out. All cut out switches seem to work correctly. Any ideas out there please ?
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Tim Bucknall replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Please help , what is eating my lily’s!!!??
"Never known a year like it for slugs and snails- too much rain, and not enough frost."
Tim Bucknall replied to robert pryor's discussion edging shears problems
"Are they properly tightened?  Shear blades are often slightly curved and sprung, so only touch at the ends when shut."
The Wall posted a discussion
As the title says what is the worst peice of branded machinery or tool you have purchased, i had the misfortune to invest in a Toro 22280 commercial lawnmower which has to be the biggest load of junk out there, as i only have about a year left so…
Glen Stillman replied to robert pryor's discussion edging shears problems
"They're (very) expensive, but I've never had any problems with ck legend shears.
I've also got a set of the orange handled professional (p75 or something like that) bacho shears which have also served me well. "

edging shears problems

Hi, I have had numerous pairs of edging shears and they only last at most a season. The blades only appear to contact one another at the ends with gives a cutting area of about 1 inch, somewhat shorter than the length of the blades. Ay ideas other…

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