Landscaping on a Marshalls kitchen garden

An insight to the daily life of a garden design and landscaping build up on a rear garden located in Cullompton, Exeter, Devon.

Day 8

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Marshalls exterior kitchen

Marshalls exterior kitchen

The main feed of armoured cable is fed into the right hand side storage cupboard, all the electrical fittings and connections will be hid in this storage space.

The 225x100mm lintels are installed and plumb, these lintels will carry the load of the work surface.

I will build the open storage space slightly smaller but not until I have scratch coated and rendered the internals to the cupboards, for reflection purposes I will paint the inside white.

Landscaping feature walling recess

Landscaping feature walling recess

The electrical cable is fed through the ducting and I create evenly spaced loops with the cable, on this occasion, my spacings are 650mm within a 2600mm wide recess.

All three recess feature walls will have the same openings, the lintels are bedded down plumb and level giving me even heights of 660mm at each end, I'm square and parallel.

Garden light sockets

Garden light sockets

For each stainless steel Gu10 up-lighter I create a 200mm wide opening for the lighting and below fittings to be housed, because the cables are now inserted I cant bore down at a later date with a core bit drill at the correct diameter for the lighting product, I'd tear the cable to shreds.

Landscape kitchen garden bespoke wall 

Landscape kitchen garden bespoke wall

As I mentioned earlier, all three walling recesses are the exact same size, however, the governing opening recess is the kitchen opening seen left of image.

The opening to the exterior kitchen area has been constructed around the height of the client, the distance from the finished composite decking height to the clients eyes are were measured for the opening size, as was the distance from decking to waist height for the work surface. Bespoke gardens landscaped around you.

Raised seating area footings

Raised seating concrete footings

The team mix and pour the final concrete footings for the feature garden wall, I have risen the footing levels by two courses of block or 215mm. Again the same procedures will occur with the rotating laser level, levelling and tamping.

This footing will be layered with Hessian for thermal coverings even though the temperature is no where near three degrees and falling, best to be safe than sorry at this time of year.

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