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Designed to meet the rigours of a wide variety of commercial grass cutting applications, Etesia’s Pro 46 pedestrian rotary mower is specified by contractors who want to profit from grass cutting. Reliability of mowing equipment is essential for this work which is why one Sussex landscape contractor chooses Etesia for all grass cutting operations.

Green Grass Services, set up by John Vincent five years ago, specialises in grass cutting and landscape maintenance in the south east of England. In over 30 years of working within the industry John says that there isn’t a pedestrian mower he hasn’t used. The company ensures that there is always an Etesia mower in their fleet of maintenance equipment and has done for over twenty years.

“When we spoke to Matt Clark at South East Groundcare about which mower would be best suited for this type of work, we stressed the importance of the ability to cope with cutting in all weather conditions without clogging. Etesia are renowned for being able to cut in the wet and our previous experience with their machines was excellent. We decided to change our entire fleet over to the Pro 46 PHTS.

“The Pro 46’s are light and easy to manoeuvre when grass cutting and also light enough to lift on/off our commercial vehicles. We just empty the grass boxes and take for green waste when each job is finished. The quality of cut is always excellent. The mowers are worked really hard throughout the year and just routine servicing is all we ever need. They are a real work-horse. You certainly get what you pay for and they were a sound investment, more than earning their keep.”The Single bladed Etesia Pro 46 has a 5hp 160cc Honda engine. Cutting width is 46cm, the detachable grass box with ‘full’ indicator has a capacity of 52 litres, and overall weight is just 37kg. Designed around the operator, the handlebars are ergonomically shaped and mounted for ease-of-use. New ‘soft-touch’ controls reduce pressure on the hands and fingers during operation. Extensive testing of these latest models has shown low vibration levels that meet stringent Health and Safety guidelines. There are six models available in the range, with options including mulching facility.

“The Pro 46 is well built, solid and 100% reliable. We can’t be without them. If you want a commercial mower to last, which is trouble free, buy an Etesia.”

For further information, or to arrange a free demonstration, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

To view a video of John talking about the PHTS, please click here.

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