How to maintain your lawn.

10 Month Lawn Care Guide

Here is a little guide that we have put together on how to look after you lawn over a 10 month period



January SampleThere is generally little maintenance work to be done in the month of January. Avoid using the lawn in very wet conditions and particularly in frost. During fine spells turfing can take place and repair work can be carried out using turf. General debris, such as leaves/twigs, can be removed. Light brushing can be carried out to remove dew and surface moisture from fine lawns. This is a good time to ensure all lawn care equipment is serviced and cleaned.


February SampleAlthough conditions can be mild do not be tempted to mow the lawn. Worm casts can be scattered by brushing with a birch broom or similar. Turfing and repairs using turf can be carried out providing the ground is not waterlogged and frost free.


March Sample As soon as the weather conditions improve the grass will show signs of growth. Lightly rake the lawn to clear the surface, be careful not to rake heavily as this will damage the grasses. A light rolling, e.g., with the mower roller will help to settle the surface if heavy winter frosts have been experienced. A top cut on a good dry day can be carried out, ensure the mower blades are on a high setting to avoid removing too much grass. It is unlikely more than one or two cuts will be required in March. This is a good month for inspecting the lawn for any signs of disease and dealing with moss.

Ensure any Moss Killers (e.g., Lawn Sand) has time to fully work before raking out the moss (e.g., 14 days). The edges of the lawn can be neatened with a half moon and damaged areas with turf. April Any coarse grasses can be dug out and the areas turfed (ensure these areas are filled with sifted soil to prevent hollows). Mow regularly enough to keep the lawn tidy but do not set the blades at a low cutting height. If conditions are good and the grass is actively growing fertiliser can be applied at this moment. It is important that the grass blades are dry and that rain is expected. If in the unlikely event of no rain for 3 - 4 days, irrigate (water) the fertiliser in. Selective weed killers can be used at this time but it is more prudent to wait until May, when the grass is going to be growing more vigorously.


May SampleThis is normally a good month for the use of selective weed killer, make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions and the product is designed for lawn use. Make sure the grass is dry and there is moisture in the soil. Weed killers should be used in good still weather conditions. Mowing can now be carried out on a more regular basis and the mowing height should be gradually lowered to the normal summer setting, but remember not to scalp the lawn.

Regular mowing once or twice a week is normal at this time of year Remember to vary the direction of cut and to mow at a steady pace do not push the mower backwards and forwards, work in a forward direction for a uniform cut and for your own safety Keep an eye on moisture levels and only water if signs of stress appear grass is very resilient and over watering, is more harmful in the end than drought. If you do need to water do it in the evening and ensure the water has fully penetrated the lawn not simply wetted the surface. If possible have a water storage system set up prior to the hot dry months. This avoids any problems with hose -pipe bans.

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1 unit of Electricity, 1kWh, on regular tariff is around 15p-20p, Off Pea…"
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