Grass cutting can be a daunting task for many who either don't have the time or suitable machinery. Few home owners can justify spending large amounts of money on professional quality mowers and clients in the commercial sector usually don't have the resources to have grounds maintenance done in-house.

In these situations it would make sense to employ the services of a professional company such as Eco Garden Maintenance to mow your lawn or grassed areas. By using skill and various professional quality mowers Eco Garden maintenance can effectively and efficiently cope with any situation presented, leaving a highly pleasing appearance which is simply unattainable to most. A lawn can be an attractive and relaxing area of your garden used by your friends, family and pets whilst being an asset to your home.

Mowers come in many guises but one does not perform the best in all situations. Grassed areas have different purposes which determines how they are managed and thus which type of mower will give the best result in the most efficient manner. Manicured lawns require a mower which will cut low enough and minimise ground disturbance. Stripes are king in this situation so a cylinder or rotary mower with heavy roller should be used.

Utility lawns are best tackled with a rotary mower, either with roller or four wheeled. Stripes can still look very impressive in this situation. Mulch mowing can also be utilised and has many advantages such as feeding the lawn organically and not having any lawn clippings to dispose of.

Rough areas of grass that are not particularly formal are usually cut with four wheeled mowers which can cope with the bumpy ground. A powerful high capacity machine is needed here to cope with large amounts of growth and to cover the often large areas of land involved. Mulching is usually preferred in this situation because of the large amount of grass clippings to dispose of if they are collected.

Areas of coarse weeds, brambles and wild flower meadows are too challenging for most mowers so in this instance Eco Garden maintenance would opt for the use of a brushcutter, flail mower or sickle bar mower which are ideally suited to deal with these types of area.

For further details of the professional mowing services we supply to both domestic and commercial clients in the Leeds, York, Selby, Tadcaster and Wetherby areas please visit our website at


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    Completed first cuts on most lawns although the weather has been a major hindrance. Thinking back to last spring, what a difference. I had cut all lawns twice by now! Roll on the warm weather.

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    The grass is getting going now, at last! Avoid the rush, don't put off contacting Eco Garden Maintenance to arrange looking after your lawn.

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John F replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"Small van works if you carry the bare minimum you need to do the job in hand .
I had a bigger van but it was always cluttered with stuff I never used .
I always work out in  advance what tools or machinery I will need on the day . 
I used to worry…"
29 minutes ago
Honey Badger replied to Jes Gardner's discussion Palm tree
"I drill holes put in (dare I say it) concentrate round up or sbk with a pipet. Sometimes needs a second dose."
1 hour ago
Lyndon taylor and Peter Bullen joined Landscape Juice Network
1 hour ago
Rob Davies replied to Jes Gardner's discussion Palm tree
"Hi Jes
I've tried using Timbrel as a stump treatment with some success. Applying it neat doesn't work as well though, dilution rates are on the label, unfortunately I can't remember what they are though! "
2 hours ago
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"you can get them with a standard or closed loop type hook or screw a different fitting into the thread"
4 hours ago
Tim Bucknall replied to James King's discussion Cobra RM53SPH-PRO
"No experience of Cobra, but we've found Hayters getting less and less robust so are checking out the options for roller mowers.  We've got a couple of Stihl RM655RS which are looking good so far, apart from a securing bolt coming loose on the…"
4 hours ago
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"i don't use them for this purpose personally as not owned an actual van this century lol. but was selling these hooks on car boot sales last year. displayed on a piece of metal the big ones are so strong grown men struggled to pull them off. people…"
4 hours ago
Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"Have you got a kink to the ones you use?"
4 hours ago
Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"Thanks i have a look at they clamps for the attachments "
5 hours ago
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"ebay, amazon etc... the small ones with the base about 1cm across are good for hanging small items, the larger type with base about an inch across you could literally suspend a strimmer off a van ceiling using 2 of them"
5 hours ago
Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"Where would you buy the powerful neodymium magnets?"
5 hours ago
Jonathan Davidson replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"These are quite good, but you have to get the correct size of the diameter you want to secure as there are quite a few variations. I have a couple which I havent used yet to find the most suitable way on some battens.
Quick Fist Clamps - Mounts…"
5 hours ago
Rachel Beth posted a discussion
Hey Folks! I have some Cornelian cherries in my garden. I need to ask that does they taste good or are the Cornelian cherry has some healthy nutritious properties. If so how it can be used.Thank You!
6 hours ago
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"you can get insanely powerful neodymium magnets fitted with a hook which could be used to store the parts against the steel walls or ceiling of the van"
6 hours ago
Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl kombi
"I was hopeing to hang them or attach then to the van with some sort of cilps wasnt sure where to get the clips to hold them in place i have a couole of hedge cutters attached to the bulkhead with massive hangers i always empty the pole saw after…"
7 hours ago
John F replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Price increase
"Agree prices have to go up I can't see any other way forward . 
15 hours ago

Stihl kombi

Hi i have the stihl kombi with all the attachments and i am wondering how you store your kombi attachments in your van dont really want them lying about the van rolling about

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Cleaning cobbles

Anyone has any bright ideas on cleaning a very large area of cobble stones that were laid over a 100 years ago, the gaps between the cobbles are full of compacted soil and hardcore. No weeds or moss.Pressure washing due to location impractical, the…

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