Tree Top Services is a family run business based in the heart of Wiltshire. Turf and landscape gardening has been a family trade for generations. However, with an ever competitive market we decided to diversify in the early 90's and master the art of tree surgery. Today we strive to be the market leaders in our area. As new members to Landscape Juice, this is our story.

The garden improvement industry remains a seasonal affair. While the seasons shift and snowfall, drought and record rainfall blur the lines our work tends to follow a familiar pattern. As the summer comes to a close and the nesting season is over, we pick up our tools, dust off our maintenance contracts in preparation for a surge in tree service enquiries.

Unlike lawn care, tree surgery is a dangerous and litigious profession. While technology and knowledge continues to evolve in landscaping, it remains a safe and painless occupation. Tree surgery, or arboriculture as it’s sometimes known, is fraught with hazards. A legitimate tree surgeon requires liability insurance, industry qualifications and a firm handle on the law. These are the qualities that distinguish a professional from those ever present cowboys.

A tree surgeon’s first steps are necessary safeguards. He’ll need to be NPTC certified in Chainsaw Operations and require Public Liability Insurance for damage to body and property. Before beginning work, he’ll need to familiarize himself with legal acts and TPO’s. This is the initiation. We’d recommend a lengthy apprenticeship too.

A cursory online search reveals a rap sheet of horrors injuries that punctuate the industry. The journey to become established is extensive, and rightfully so.

The learning never stops. In recent years we’ve jettisoned the Yellow Pages and developed our online presence. We touch base with the community via the Landscape Juice Network and forums including ArbTalk. We’re familiarizing ourselves with those newfangled terms such as ‘SEO’ and ‘Social Media’. Who knows how marketing will evolve?

A company outing is penciled in for Oktoberfest (although one or two team-mates may need their arms twisted). We have the Arb Event, with its climbing events and promotions, in mind too. Despite the lethargic economy, we have heady goals and remain bullish about the year ahead.

Thanks for taking a few moments to learn more about us. Feel free to send us a message and connect via Twitter, Facebook or G+. We’d love to hear your thoughts and story too.

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A recent school grounds seminar held at Charterhouse in Surrey has been hailed a huge success by all who attended.

The event attracted over 50 delegates from all levels as several topical issues were explored and discussed. Supported by…

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Richard Gadsby replied to mark thomas's discussion Commercial grass cutting
"Why not start cutting when it starts growing and stop when it stops? start a bit early (when your first ones start looking patchy) so you can get round everyone. Don't over complicate things."
1 hour ago
John Wallwork replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"I have the straight shaft edger attachment.  It rarely gets used, but is useful for cleaning up badly overgrown edges.  For regular maintenance I just use the strimmer attachment and turn the machine upside down as it's faster and the strimmer achie…"
5 hours ago
Peter Davis replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"I had the first ever Combi system made by Huskvarna.  I couldn't get on with the edger .  I have never found anything that compares to edging shears.  We even got to trial a laser guided edger - I kid you not.  It was the size & weight of a car batt…"
6 hours ago
Andrew Liddle replied to mark thomas's discussion Commercial grass cutting
"I usually price per cut based on £50 to £60 per hour."
7 hours ago
Trevor Stephens replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"Hi James,
We use the Kombi (KM131) with power brush all the time especially Winter time on regular maintenance jobs cleaning pathways etc it does a good job and great at removing pre treated moss.Customers appreciate the results, a cheap investment.…"
7 hours ago
Gary martin replied to mark thomas's discussion Commercial grass cutting
"I agree with Martin Haskell advice. We are a commercial only grounds maintenance company. Price per cut/visit is generally a happy medium. Don't get too fixated on a start or finish date. Just make sure client is happy with two weekly visits as many…"
8 hours ago
William Beard replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"Hlello Janes,
I also have the brush attachment.  It's not a bad piece of kit but I don't use it as much as I thought I would. I tend to find  myself using my backpack  blower instead.  Partly for speed but also because I have it on board all the tim…"
8 hours ago
Dylan replied to mark thomas's discussion Commercial grass cutting
"As above but some of my commercial clients want agreed number of visits which I normally quote on average 22 to 24 per season and you won't be far off and normally in your favour on a normal year"
12 hours ago
Lesley Anne Bloomer replied to Lesley Anne Bloomer's discussion When to lay bark chips - before or after planting?
"Thanks very much to all of you for commenting. So, my experience - planting thru bark and membrane was really hard and as expected resulted in lots of soil mixed in with bark on top of the membrane. Planting thru membrane took longer but was ok. How…"
12 hours ago
Iain Moody is now a member of Landscape Juice Network
13 hours ago
Oliver clarkson replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"I use the blower attachment and I'm quite happy with it, my back pack one, was playing up and was going to be out of action for a week at height of leaf drop season so I brought the attachment,  took a couple of days to get used to, but now the back…"
15 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to John F's discussion Stiga cordless
"In November I bought my first battery kit. I got the HSA 86 and HLA 65 with two AP200 batteries and the AL300 charger. I have used them a fair bit over the last two months and they are very, very good. I wish I had switched over from petrol much soo…"
15 hours ago
Gary replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"Wear depends on pressure/effort applied and surface type.
Replacements come as 2 'cartridges' that just slip over the axle, engage with drive and they retained at the end
15 hours ago
Gary replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"£180 for a useful piece of equipment ? I wouldn't say that's expensive as you recover the cost via your charging...
15 hours ago
Brendan corrigan replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"Make sure you are using one of the bigger kombi units for it, puts huge strain on smaller engines"
15 hours ago
Peter Davis replied to James King's discussion Stihl Kombi Brush
"Their cost ?  OK for you big boys :)  I just checked the price."
15 hours ago

Stiga cordless

Does anyone have any experience of using Stiga Cordless tools , particularly the cordless long reach hedge trimmers ?  I was looking at buying a stihl cordless HLA56 long reach when i got distracted by a Stiga SMT 500 48 v multi tool comprising of…

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2 Replies · Reply by Vic 575 15 hours ago


Hello All,I'm new to the forum and thought I would introduce myself.Currently looking to start a small gardening business In March after handing in my notice next Thursday.I'm trying to do my planning at the moment but struggling with the wealth of…

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29 Replies · Reply by Billybop yesterday

Stihl Kombi Brush

I am considering buying the Kombi Brush attachment. I have a couple of jobsthat require a lot of brushing - 2 car parks. One car park has a lot of pine needles that have been left for a long time and and a normal brush won't move them. I have looked…

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18 Replies · Reply by John Wallwork 5 hours ago