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A perfect pitch with Mansfield Sand

Visitors to the Mansfield Sand stand (E150) at SALTEX can expect to see a wide range of sand-based products that are vital to the overall health and performance of a sports pitch.

Mansfield Sand has pioneered the development and production of premium silica sand-based products for over 170 years. The company provides a wide range of innovative products for sports, landscaping, and equestrian uses. These include stadium and training ground facilities; championship golf courses and world class show jumping arenas.

The company’s leading experts will be on hand at SALTEX to explain how some of the following products could make a difference to your sports turf projects.

Reinforced Rootzone

A range of Reinforced Rootzones developed to obtain greater use from natural turf surfaces whilst maintaining the high standards demanded by today’s sports industry and meeting the expectations of ground staff at all levels. Mansfield Sand’s reinforcement technology provides stability and durability to all sand dominated Rootzones allowing the pitch to remain free draining and consistent over the whole surface.

12237996274?profile=RESIZE_584xProducts include Fibre Reinforced Rootzone – reinforced with polypropylene fibres; Fibrelastic Rootzone – reinforced with polypropylene fibres and flexible Elastane fibres and Fibresand – particularly advantageous when grass cover has been reduced due to heavy usage and wear during the winter period.

Sand Soil Rootzones

Mansfield Sand understands exactly what is needed to achieve the surface that turf managers require week-in-week-out and that is why their rootzones contain only the best quality materials to meet that demand. For renovation or construction, the company’s superior rootzone blend Mansil 40 Silica Sand with a quality screened topsoil, guarantees the perfect start.

Sand Compost Rootzones

A range of premium quality sand organic material blends which are perfect for creating a rootzone where an organic rich material is required within the profile, aiding in the retention of nutrients whilst providing increased drought resistance.

Top Dressing

Produced for the fine turf market, Mansfield Sand’s Soil Top Dressing is a manufactured homogenous product made from their own premium silica sands combined with top quality soils. All passed through a sterilising unit, over a 3mm screen to produce an easy to spread, stone and pebble free dressing. Mansfield Sand can also produce bespoke dressing blends and combine soil amendments into any product.

Mansil Silica Sand Sports Range

Sourced from the company’s Two Oaks Quarry in Mansfield where the Mansil range of Silica Sands is produced. These products are predominantly used in the construction and maintenance of a wide range of sports surfaces – from winter sports pitches, golf courses, bowling greens and all amenity turf areas.

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Stephen r Brook-Smith replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas
"Ahh yes understood 
maybe fork the compacted areas before levelling ?"
5 hours ago
Jake Piechowicz replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas
"Biggest problem we've found is that you fill it in and make it lovely but as soon as we get some heavy downpours the soil has been so heavily compacted by the lorry its becomes waterlogged almost immediately 🤦‍♂️🙈"
19 hours ago
Stephen r Brook-Smith replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas
"That's great Thankyou for the advice , it is a large area and it's an insurance job so budget is fine , going to order a load of soil , cheers "
19 hours ago
Billybop replied to Peter sellers's discussion Bargain secateurs
"i find a metal detector useful in these incidents,  also go over the actual bags of garden waste with it. The solution for me is that the secateurs are always put in the exact same door pocket of the truck after each job, if possible"
20 hours ago
Adam Woods replied to Peter sellers's discussion Bargain secateurs
"If I counted the number of Felco 7s we have lost I would cry. Mind you some, including my current pair, have been found the following Spring. give them a good clean, sharpen and oil - and they are as good as new!"
20 hours ago
John F replied to Peter sellers's discussion Bargain secateurs
"😂 usual place in the compost bin .
Lost my darlacs once in thei long grass for months until customer found them and she presented them back all restored , oiled ,blade sharpened ,like new .
I was moved by her kindness  she could have just binned…"
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"My guy was using an old pair of felcos for months didn't loose them, brought him a pair of stihl ones at roughly £20, guess what dumped them in clients compost heap on day 1, day 2 he couldn't figure out where they were, I had to figure it out for…"
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Peter sellers replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas
"Yes the trick is too push the heave into the hollow rather than tamping the raised area down as this still leaves the depression. The back of a soil rake used in a pushing motion seems to work best for us."
Graham Taylor replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas
"Thats a right mess.   I've done much smaller areas doing as you say .............. ground was a bit hard though so I used a spade to push the high bits at the rut sides into the  hollows rather than tamping it all down. . "
Peter sellers replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas
"Stephen   we also suffer with this type of damage on our sites on a regular basis.  We've found the best way is to push the raised outer edges of the damage into the depression,  this will fill the majority of the depression and as the ground is…"
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Stephen r Brook-Smith replied to Stephen r Brook-Smith's discussion Any ideas
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Hi all , I've been asked to repair some grassed areas where a lorry has driven over grass leaving tyre marks  , I'm thinking best bet is to tamp down the tyre marks , topdresss with topsoil and overseedanyone have any other suggestions ? hope…
John F replied to Peter sellers's discussion Bargain secateurs
"Bought a pair of these secateurs  
I like the fact they fit comfortably in a trouser pocket and hardly know they are there , saves putting on a tool belt to carry my trusty darlac secateurs which are too big ,heavy and sharp to put in a pocket  .…"

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