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Eco friendly garden structures by ECO-MAZE Eco-Maze is company that specialises in creating traditional and contemporary garden structures with an approach to building durable solid garden components like no other. Green and Eco-friendly garden structures built to last ..No bricks, no blocks, no timber nor mortar. Many of us recycle, Eco-Maze does more and goes one step further by designing and building structures using one of the oldest building materials known to man - Earth. Eco-Maze uses a process called Rammed Earth. This is an ancient building method that can produce amazing bespoke structures that are simple to construct, incombustible, thermally massive, incredibly strong and durable. The process is clean, cost effective and environmentally friendly, all rammed earth structures typically have low embodied energy and generate very little waste or carbon emissions. The availability of soil and building design for the local climatic conditions are the factors which favour rammed earth use. By recycling the soil for use in garden design and construction has minimal environmental impact, which makes rammed earth highly affordable, soundproof, non-toxic, biodegradable, fireproof and viable for all who require environmentally friendly garden structures. Explore the natural elegance of a unique and individual earth structure, built to last, and be at one with the size, shape and colour pallet you require for your project or design. Using rammed earth is creating a way of life. Be part of the vision – be part of Eco-Maze.

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Other, Garden Design, Landscaping, Rammed earth.

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