When people do work on their gardens they often get carried away with filling it with plants, ornaments and other items, and they overlook a very important aspect. This is the fencing around the perimeter, and this should be on the top of your list of things to address when renovating your garden. The fence acts as the frame to your garden, and it will also be one of the first things that people will notice as it occupies so much space. You can fill your garden with a beautiful pond, a comfortable seating area to socialise in and plenty of flowers and plants, but if you have a fence that has lost its colour and is starting to break down then it will not be an appealing garden. However if you have all of this with a bright, attractive and sturdy fence then it can really improve on the area and add a lot of character and personality.

There are a huge range of designs and styles that you could go for, and you can find some inspiration by looking online. You will notice how decorative panels and different panels can really make the fence something a bit special and unique, and not something that simply marks where your garden ends. You will also notice that the gate will be an important part of the overall look of these gardens as well, so you should look into getting a gate that compliments that fence design too, and this will give your backyard a complete and consistent feel. Once you have a beautiful fence in place then you can turn your attention with what to fill your garden with, and the fence will inspire you to make it a picturesque area which will be a great place to relax in the warmer months.

Finding Everything you Need to Create the Perfect Garden
There are garden fence suppliers, like Buy Fencing Direct, and these companies will carry the best and widest range of garden fences as well as accessories like gates, garden lights, gravel and pebbles plus lots more. This means that you can get everything you need in once place to create the perfect garden, and this all starts with picking out a beautiful fence that acts as a frame to the space, and you will be amazed at the impact it can have on your garden.

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Duncan McLaren replied to Boris Pilfold's discussion Safe chemical application and aftercare
"I had someone ask me that very question yesterday as I was spraying the grass with my coveralls, mask and face shield!
I told her that I didn't think it was safe in the hope that she would instruct the factor to stop asking me to apply it. 
I don't…"
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dan replied to Paul Doyle's discussion Rhus typhinia tiger eyes
"Paul, i dont know the hybrid 'tiger eyes' but Rhys typhina is a potential night mare. Agreed root barrier might well stop that happening but at any signs of that not working and it popping up elsewhere prepare for war :) "
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"Gareth did you get this issue resolved ?- mines seems to be playing up at the moment "
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Tom Cann replied to Tom Cann's discussion Self propelled mower recommendations please
"Many thanks for all your input guys I really appreciate it. There's some really good pointers there. I'm torn now between an older Honda or a new cobra. I'm relatively new to the business so cash flow is a real issue at the moment. Interesting point…"
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"Thanks Edward, appreciate that 👍"
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Sean Clarke replied to Tom Cann's discussion Self propelled mower recommendations please
"I recommend the 2nd hand Honda/Lawnflite/Kazz etc route too. Both of my daily mowers (wheeled and roller) are Honda HR194s from the 80s! These are the mowers that the other brands are based on. I have upgraded the engines and handles on mine, just t…"
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Edward baker replied to Tom Cann's discussion Self propelled mower recommendations please
"If you are mowing 4 hours at a go you should be thinking of using some kind of ride on. Are your large gardens pay per visit or hourly? If per visit you can get through more work, earn more money and be able to buy a decent bit of kit whatever route…"
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Graham Taylor replied to Andrew Marson-Hull's discussion Corded tools
"I would guess.....certainly in my case........... that a lot of people don't have a problem with the weight and really don't want the hassle of wearing it..  Personally, I tend to switch between a mower, hedgecutter, strimmer and blower... each one…"
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Edward baker replied to Edward baker's discussion Stihl 448 mower
"Hi so far so great! Once a week collection and mulching no problems, fortnightly mulching is also good, unless you need to cut the grass short, I experimented once and had to run over it 3 times. I've been using it in very wet conditions the last 2…"
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"I have presumed ?? that ELH is only relevant to long reach / pole hedge cutter?
My comment of chopping the cable was on a short/regular hedge trimmer ... I don't think that would happen with long reach (as the blade is so far away from operator), an…"
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"I have repeated my mantra quite a lot recently on the forum but it seem to fall on deaf ears, but here it is once again.
Buy an Easy Lift Harness. It WILL change your life. No more thinking about how heavy the machine or the battery is. With the ELH…"
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"I have battery hedge cutter and the adaptor to enable wearing battery on belt (to reduce tool-weight) with a short cord to hedger cutter. I've cut through it twice :( I've changed to using a lighter, shorter-runtime, battery in the tool. I don't kno…"
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"Well I bought a Okatsune secateurs  and used them yesterday. Absolutely brilliant bit of kit. I also bought the cleaning oil and 'rubber pad' to clean off the sap which I also used on my old Felco No2. If you do a lot of pruning I would heartily rec…"
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Andrew Marson-Hull replied to Andrew Marson-Hull's discussion Corded tools
"thanks for the insights. I think as you all say battery is the best way to go in the majority of scenarios. Part of me was wondering if I was missing a trick with corded tools."
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Hi all. I’ve got a couple of queries that I’m hoping you can share your wisdom on.I’m sure the answers to these are in the bog somewhere but I can’t subscribe this month as it’s been rather an expensive one for one reason or another. So I will join…

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