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Following on from our first press release, Crawley news contacted us as they were interested in Aye's 'story' - where he came from, how we met and our success as a gardening business.

You can read the full story here: Ayegardening in the Crawley News


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New Etesia Website Goes Live!

Etesia UK has just launched a brand-new website, showcasing their vast range of ride-on & pedestrian mowers, brushcutters and the complete range of Pellenc Lithium-ion battery powered equipment.


“Following years of being told that our UK website was

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Office Plant of The Year 2011

Yesterday for the second year along with fellow judges Mathew Appleby from Horticulture Week and David Curtis, editor of The Landscaper, I was invited to judge Efig Office Plant of The Year.


The judging took place at the Headquarters of Indoor Gard
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Garden Designer Vacancy: Cheshire and Manchester

Cheshire/Manchester based multi-award winning design practice Kirman Design requires a full time garden designer to work from a busy garden centre office. Candidates must be able to think on their feet,

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Open forum activity

GaryRK replied to's discussion Greasing battery hedge trimmers.
"Had to do a double take of that post on my mobile ..... 😬"
16 minutes ago
Kris Baker replied to Jim Gibbon's discussion Secateurs
"I don't do enough work in the garden to have a repetitive injury, but I'm sat at computer all day long and some years ago got RSI in my (mouse) wrist. DOC told me it would be with me for life ... I got a mouse mat with a Gel wrist-rest as recommende…"
4 hours ago
Martin Haskell replied to Jim Gibbon's discussion Secateurs
"My daughter bought a pair of Darla Japanese secateurs for an art project, I've used them a couple of times, they seem quite robust, compact and easy to use. not sure how they would last in professional daily use though.
in my former local authority…"
5 hours ago
Etesia UK posted a blog post
Etesia UK has reported a huge uptake in its Buffalo ride-on mowers – a powerful range that offers an eco-friendly alternative to its diesel-powered counterparts.It is common knowledge that grounds maintenance professionals are increasingly exploring…
5 hours ago
Ben Pritchard replied to Jim Gibbon's discussion Secateurs
"My heart sank when I was presented with some rotating handle felcos one Christmas, a bout of tennis elbow showed me how effective the rotating handle was for relieving strain, now use them most of the time."
5 hours ago
Ben Pritchard replied to Jim Gibbon's discussion Secateurs
"I often have 2 sets of secateurs, one for rough, 1 for fine when going through mixed/herbaceous borders. And again up ladders, left and right side. Not gone as far as getting lefties for the ladder work yet!"
5 hours ago
Kris Baker replied to dan's discussion Compost teas and DIY liquid bio fertilizers in lawn care
"No personal experience, but was surprised that a farmer local to me, about 4,000 acres of Arable, was talking about it. No idea where he will get the compost from to make that much tea! ... but he already chucks some molasses in the tank to help soi…"
6 hours ago
Fusion Media posted a blog post
Groundwork contractor Trefor Jones, has praised the quality of Mansfield Sand’s Equestrian Silica product after he recently completed the construction of an impressive Manege.Trefor, based in Rutland, East Midlands, specialises in the construction o…
7 hours ago
Paul Doyle replied to's discussion Greasing battery hedge trimmers.
"I grease my pellenc every 8 hours... that's what they tell me to do anyway!!"
7 hours ago
dan posted a discussion
Does anyone make their own compost teas and liquid bio fertilzers for the use in lawn care and / or plant care ? Seems to be a growing area with a lot more suppliers offering a wide range of products you 'brew up' and then apply to help soil heath e…
8 hours ago
Graham Taylor replied to's discussion Greasing battery hedge trimmers.
"A useful little tip I've found with my HSA86.................... the gearbox used to fill up with bits of debris from whatever I was cutting. If you use a small blob of silicone sealant on top of the blades where they leave the casing... then replac…"
8 hours ago
Billybop replied to Will's discussion Going Electric
"yes the battery weight is only an issue if you never used the trimmer with the lightest one before. After that I would find it very hard to go back to using a higher capacity and therefore heavier pack. I wouldn't describe myself as particularly wea…"
9 hours ago
Kris Baker replied to Will's discussion Going Electric
"I've recent switched (from Bosch) to HSA 86 hedge trimmer with the promotional 2x AP300. I also bought the battery belt, but cut through the cable (not in normal use, but in complicated bits where I had the cutter at a very unusual angle and wasn't…"
9 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to Fleur Voice's discussion Black Lives Matter
"As I said in my earlier post, there are only four black people in this part of North East Derbyshire out of a population of about 18,000, so about 0.02%. That is the figure now in 2020. But here in the 1930’s when there would probably have been no b…"
19 hours ago
John Keighley replied to Will's discussion Going Electric
"I've had a HLA85 with 2 AP200 batteries from the start of the year. Cannot remember how I lived without one of these before, so much better than petrol. Yes, its long and it can test your arm muscles! The batteries are wonderful!  I think I will pro…"
19 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to Will's discussion Going Electric
"Look, no weight in the machine at all. Watch the video below."
20 hours ago

Rhus typhinia tiger eyes

Evening one and all,Has anyone got good feedback on using The small shrub Rhus typhina tiger eyes?. I wanted to plant it by the front door of my house, with a bamboo root blocker around it.If it is likely to escape and run like Ronnie Biggs, then I…

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