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Weed-free soil with just one application

UNIQUE residual turf herbicide, Valdor® Flex, is now available from Agrovista Amenity.

Valdor Flex was introduced to the UK turf and amenity market last year and has been widely praised for providing excellent r

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Kevin Bradnick replied to Nigel Rawlins's discussion Laurel & Quince infection
"Hi Nigel,  I've just come across this too, in Kingswood. Only certain plants affected though. Looked like it had a powedery mildew and this 'shothole' like described on RHS website"
2 hours ago
Tony @SM replied to Tony @SM's discussion Laurel. Half plant has died back.
"If anyone is interested (I prefer to think no one had the answers!), I've recently had a better look at this. One noticable thing is that the neighbour has laid a concrete base and sited an outbuilding. I'm thinking now that he may have damaged the…"
3 hours ago
Tim Haywood replied to William Green's discussion Mower fuel charge !!!
"1.27 a litre this time last year, 1.90 now
4 hours ago
Tony @SM replied to Alan Neath's discussion Buddleja ( Buddlia ) Super plant of the future ?
"They also have good years when in full colour, and bad years when the flowers don't last at all. It really is a miracle how they grow almost anywhere and appear to require so little nourishment. Personally, I'm not a fan. I associate them with…"
4 hours ago
Alan Neath posted a discussion
Please forgive me for what maybe an obsession, but I have always been fascinated and in awe of the prolific Buddleja ( Buddlia ) bushes / trees that I have a skill for noticing, where they grow in the most inhospitable and bizarre locations, railway…
5 hours ago
Ben Carter replied to Ben Carter's discussion Husqvarna Brush cutters
"Haven't looked at weights yet.  I will compare it with mine.  "
9 hours ago
Mark Hampton replied to Ben Carter's discussion Husqvarna Brush cutters
"I bought the 545RXT last year to replace the 525.
Cant fault the performance. I use 3.3mm cable for most work with it. It sliced straight through a hose pipe one morning with no effort. Only down side is its weight. "
10 hours ago
Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Cordless lawnmower
"I was looking at the 500s to go with rma448 hopefully it get goog run time with that battery keep me update with the runti e with the 500s your right about the mega price for them i hope there worth it"
11 hours ago
Mjc replied to Buster Gibbons's discussion Grass hardly growing
"Hi, getting dry here in Notts, most of my lawns are fortnightly so I'm cutting as normal. Using my mulcher where I can to try and give the grass a bit of goodness. I don't feel guilty about the mowing jobs being quicker when it's very dry as I mow…"
11 hours ago
Buster Gibbons replied to Buster Gibbons's discussion Grass hardly growing
"Thanks Vic, great post.  I saw on another thread you've been at it since the 80's - congrats on a long career.  "
20 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to William Green's discussion Mower fuel charge !!!
"No, I never use a hand mower in a Churchyard or cemetery. My ride on machines will fit through and manoeuvre around everything. Nearly all my work is ride on. I only have three hand mowing jobs, all very small domestic lawns.
[If I never saw a hand…"
21 hours ago
Rob replied to William Green's discussion Mower fuel charge !!!
"Thanks. I have considered getting a ride on, but I take it you have to get the hand mower out for  between the graves?"
21 hours ago
Vic 575 replied to Buster Gibbons's discussion Grass hardly growing
"There is nothing I like better than the kind of prolonged dry weather and lack of rain that slows the grass right down. Perfect.
I like it when I can mow quickly and efficiently due to dry conditions.
Much better than a hot and very wet May/June…"
21 hours ago
marc replied to Peter sellers's discussion Hayter versus Honda
"Hi Peter
if it needs to be a roller mower I'd go for haytor, but unless they have changed design
of variable speed mech, variable speed never works properly.
the pro models have deeper deck so collects a bit better in damp/long condition compared…"
21 hours ago
Mike Anderson replied to Rachel Beth's discussion Should I be pruning my new green giant arborvitae?
"Thuja Green Giants usually don't require any pruning. If left unchecked, they'll grow to their great heights very quickly. If you choose to prune your green giant arborvitae, you can remove about a third of the central leader of the tree (the main…"
23 hours ago
Billybop replied to Buster Gibbons's discussion Grass hardly growing
"raining here today (East mids) but a heat wave is threatened from next Friday onwards, 25 degrees C every day until mid July, maybe longer"

Masport mower

Still looking for that elusive relatively light, manoeuvrable roller mower, hence previous post Hayter versus Honda.Looking at the 18inch Masport rotorola at 43kg, comes with a choice of Briggs, loncin or Honda engine at differing prices.Anyone got…

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