It is all in the detail – fences, sheds, flowers, lighting and raised beds all can make a dramatic impact in your garden. In this blog post we share a few ways you can create the wow factor in your outdoor room.


Lush, colourful planting is the perfect way to add visual impact to your garden. Using colourful plants adds interest; and by paying close attention to colour you can up the ante and create a real impact. Flowers, berries, fruit, leaves and bark can all be contributors in creating patterns, contrast and variety. Use softer colours and finer leaf textures to create a sense of relaxation and elegance. Ornamental grasses and Bamboo, among other perennials and shrubs are perfect for adding structure.

And if you do not have space for flowerbeds in your small or courtyard garden why not invest in a timber raised bed? You can grow a colourful flower garden in minimum space.

Grow Up

Use height when planting to create a visual, vertical garden. Vertical garden design utilises growing space and can substantially increase your planting area – a perfect for solution for smaller, compact gardens.

Climbing plants and wall shrubs cover walls, unsightly features, arches and pergolas. True climbing plants take up little ground space and are excellent choices for smaller gardens, whereas wall shrubs do require more ground space. Popular plants are: Clematis, Roses, Wisteria and Honeysuckle.

Stick, poles, mesh and fencing all serve the purpose of coaxing your plants upwards, trellis fencing is perfect for creating a screen or feature structure in your garden and it is also ideal for climbing plants.


A garden shelter not only extends the use of your garden by protecting you from the elements, it can also add an interesting visual element.

Our Curve garden shelter is a sleek and simple structure – one continuous curve that arches gracefully from the ground. Installed either as a stand-alone structure or as an extension of your home.


The use of paving in your garden not only can provide a practical function, but also visual appeal. Colours, textures and sizes – brick, blocks, flags and slabs can all be used to create a dramatic visual impact.


Traditionally used to mark your boundary, your garden fencing can now offer so much more. From natural to contemporary, in a choice of heights and styles your fencing can compliment your garden and enhance your surroundings.

If your garden is dark or small the solution may be semi-solid panels. These not only add a visual appeal, the gaps allow in light and wind to pass creating light and airy gardens.


If you are looking to add a little more visual impact to your garden, why not take a look at our Pinterest account, where we pin inspirational and achievable ideas for your garden.

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Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"They are equivalent to the petrol HS45 so good for any jobs where you would use one of those. Like any tool if pushed beyond its limits it can be damaged. Even a brand new top quality garden fork or trowel will bend or snap if abused. I have never…"
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James Boardman replied to Greg Francis's discussion Etesia 2019/2020 pro46 phts3
"I got mine last year and it is very good, I like it's light weight and the fact that its quite compact. I have a lawnflite and found the handles too long in small spaces/gardens. The only complaint i have is the height adjusters, I find the rear…"
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Harry@VWGS replied to Sean Payne's discussion Br800 Blower
"Awesome, thanks Nick "
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Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"I Will do hopefully it will ne the same experience when i start using the hsa86 thanks for the advice"
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Nick @ NM Garden Services Ltd replied to Sean Payne's discussion Br800 Blower
"It comes with a straight nozzle. Only disadvantage is that it is a bit short and you can't flick sticks on the ground like you can with a BR430. it is however immensely powerful and quick at clearing big areas with ease. "
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"good man, let us know how you get on, i think i started laughing like a nutter first time i used a hsa86 years ago as it made a previously unpleasant job so easy, it was an absolute game changer for me and put me on cloud 9 for several days…"
Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"Yeah i start with hedge cutter take it from there"
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"yes good machine no need to go the whole hog on battery straightaway, start with the hedge trimmer and see if you catch the bug. but keep batteries well away from fuel as its not worth the risk of a spark if petrol got splashed over one"
Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"I just recently bought a new etesia that will do me for few years yet "
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"battery on my lawnmowers as well and have been for years. as you would expect they use up more batteries than a hedge trimmer! but I wouldn't have it any other way"
Dougie replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"Not really much to do with battery tools maintenance wise which ia a big bouns are you still useing a petrol lawnmower or have you switched to battery on that aswell"
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"you unscrew the plastic cover with a torx wrench, brush out any small bits of hedge that found their way in, put a bit of white grease on the cogs and its done"
Billybop replied to Dougie's discussion Stihl hsa 86
"yes i was immune to it for years as was accustomed to it but just can't cope with it now. The battery gear is a slightly different way of working but for me the upsides out weigh the disadvantages"

Stihl hsa 86

Hi i am looking at moving over to the stihl battery tools and i am looking for pro and cons of the stihl battery tools is it worth moving over from petrol and how do people rate the stihl hse 86 hedge cutter?

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