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IBRAN Limited

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Manor Farm, Scarrow Beck Lane, Calthorpe, NR11 7QR




NR11 7QR

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Ibran Outdoors designs, manufactures and supplies landscaping and building plastics and timber products for the outdoor development industry. Our passion is for helping customers build their dream gardens to an exceedingly high standard, without breaking the bank. All our landscaping materials are designed and manufactured in the UK with high quality raw, British materials by local craftsmen. Our products include groundworks plastics such as surface water drainage channels, gravel grids & mats, timber products such as raised beds, planters & structures. All our timber products are manufactured from British timber by British master craftsmen. This ensures they are made to an exceptional standard. Long life, super strong and traditionally made products that wouldn't look out of place in a stately home's kitchen garden - without the price tag.


Exceptional product design & supply. First class customer service. Super fast UK delivery network. British products made by British craftsmen.

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Designer, Supplier, Commercial, Domestic

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