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Quartier Notre Dame Route de Cavaillon

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The Pellenc Group, founded in 1973 by Roger Pellenc, is now one of the leading constructors of harvesting machinery, equipment and hand-held electronic tools for the fields of viticulture, speciality agriculture, and maintenance of green and public spaces in the world. Since its inception, the group’s development has been founded on a policy of continuous technological innovation and services, based on the creativity of its President and its employees, and its dynamic industrial policy, seeking to provide ever more efficient solutions to its customers, thereby strengthening their thrust. The growth and strength of the group are guaranteed by its strong capital base, the broad diversification of its activities, and internationalization, both commercially and industrially. This strategy has led to many patents and resulted in numerous awards, prizes, and trophies attesting to the quality of Pellenc products and its path to achieving excellence. Finally, the long-term success of the Pellenc Group and the maintenance of its position as leader in its markets is guaranteed by its ability to combine technological innovation of its products, continuous improvement of its industrial performance, and sustainability of its activities.

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Landscaper, Maintenance, Lawn Care, Tree Surgeon, Other, Supplier

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