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Jennifer Mitchell Garden Design

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London (and Garden e-Design)

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I love to collaborate with other professionals, so please contact me if you require a design and/or drawings for your project.


My mission is to design gardens that are ...



... forming a habitat for wildlife.



... inspired by the geometry of nature.



... connecting us with nature.


Ever since I was a child, growing up surrounded by nature, I've had a love of botany and been fascinated by the structural forms and systems of plants, and by the magical geometry of fractals found in living structures.


So when I studied architecture at the University of the Witwatersrand, my designs were informed by my love of botany. Here I discovered the aesthetics of 'organic architecture', and biomorphic shapes inspired by natural forms. At that time I also realized the importance of 'green' architecture, and set out to demonstrate that botanical forms and systems could teach us how to create sustainable buildings through biomimetic design. Inspired by the bioclimatic skyscrapers of architect Ken Yeang, I combined architecture and greenery in my project 'The Inside-out Glasshouse' which I presented at the Holcim Forum for Sustainable Construction in 2007.


My interest in 'hortitecture' grew to include not just individual buildings, but the whole of the built environment, urban greening and 'eco master planning'. My vision is of whole cities where green spaces are stitched together to form one continuous living habitat through which we, and other forms of life, can move safely and freely.


I believe that any space can be a garden, and that all gardens should be a habitat for biodiversity. I wanted to create wildlife gardens and green spaces everywhere, so I went on to study at The School of Garden Design, South Africa's oldest private garden design school.


As someone who is on the autistic spectrum, I'm fascinated by psychology. We humans are part of this landscape of biodiversity, and I believe that all human habitats should have an element which is green and alive, and supports our symbiotic connections with other forms of life. This is vital to our mental and physical wellness. My mission is to create garden spaces, inspired by the geometry of nature, that support biodiversity and wellness.

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garden design

... support biodiversity and wellness by becoming part of the greening revolution with a garden design inspired by the geometry of nature.



... design and consultation by correspondence, making use of the many virtual ways we now have to communicate.


pocket gardens

... compact planting solutions for small indoor and outdoor spaces.


concept gardens

.. for a show, or as a permanent living expression of your idea, creation or philosophy.



... combining architecture and greenery. Infuse your new or existing building with a living botanical component.


eco master planning

... bringing new and existing urban developments into harmonious balance with nature, supporting ecosystem connectivity, biodiversity and wellness.

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Designer, Consultant

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I heard about it from another garden designer, Karen Holley.






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