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GarField Gardens Ltd

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5 Chequerfield Close


West Yorkshire


WF10 5NY

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So I thought I'd share a bit about myself and how I became a landscape gardener. My background is in retail, working my way through to becoming a General Manager in a well known supermarket group. I always enjoyed getting the job done properly and took great pride in what I did. I worked so many hours establishing myself as a god manager and gave my all to my job. The thing is whilst doing that I missed time with my two girls, missing them growing up. They got material things from me but not much of my time and I do regret that. I felt pulled in so many directions, wanting to give my family all that I could and paying for it into the bargain. I'm sure that's one of the reasons my marriage broke up. In 2017 I walked away from my last managers post, enough was enough. I didn't expect what followed though. I thought I would job easily with the experience I had. I applied and went for interviews, and nothing, absolutely jack s..t. I was approaching 51 years of age and I was on the scrap heap. Eventually I "signed on ", something I had never done in my life, I felt so down and humiliated. I'm sure it was my "white witch" partner saying to me "you'll probably never be employed again, and do you really want to go back to that crap". I knew I was worth more than being told what to o and I'd always had a creative side doing up houses and making gardens look their best. That was it, I decided to form Garfield Gardens. I'm telling you this, not for sympathy but to inspire any of you out there that you can do, have, be whatever you want at any age. I wish I'd done this years ago, for whatever reason I didn't, so that's what it is. You know ultimately only you can decide how it's going to be.

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Landscaper, Designer

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