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Hello all! Some of you may be aware that we have had a number of issues with our website. Issues such as our site being taken offline with no warning because we were slowing our host's servers too much.

As a result, we decided that it was as good a time as any to refresh our online presence and we are now delighted to say that we're back online with a cleaner, fresher, quicker, and easier to navigate website.

We know you're all very busy, and your time is precious, but if you were able to take a few minutes to check it out we'd be very grateful for your feedback. It's important to us that we get it right and the only way we are going to do that is with the help of the people that we are aiming at.

The site is the same address as previously -

We are hoping to get spare parts ordering online in the near future too, perhaps not all spare parts, but certainly things like rotavator tines and other consumables. If there's anything else that you think you'd find useful please tell us and we'll see what we can do.

Thanking you in anticipation, and looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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    I'll make sure this news goes into next week's newsletter.

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    Looks good, I was wondering where I could get some more hollow tine as after many years of use one has worn out.
    • PRO Supplier

      Hi Busy Bee! Thank you, glad you like it. If you need aerator corers, contact our spare parts department on 01444 247689 and they will be able to help you, or email and they will get back to you with prices etc. Hope that helps.

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    Website looks great, though your key words are non existent

    Check out your Woo rank review

    Sort that out asap and you will have a really good site

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      I've just run mine through and although I don't know what half of it means, I think I need to talk to my web designer!

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        I was totally ignorant to proper use of SEO until last year, I thought I had a wonderful site however my meta data and descriptions ect were non existent.

        To use the woo rank properly, you have to give your credit card details (sign up for the 2 week trial) It is possible to cancel before then end of the 2 weeks without getting charged.

        However I found it that useful I used it for a month or two. Money well spent.

        I sat down and went though every bit of the site bit by bit. (still not perfect though, I'm a gardener not a web developer)

        My website now generates a fair bit of work where as before you wasn't that effective.

        Now when people ask me about their website I will do a quick woo rank on it and pass that link along.

        It's amazing the amount websites that a 'designer' has made and looks amazing however falls down on SEO - The whole reason for the site to being with...

        • PRO Supplier

          The Woo Rank site is extremely useful. We use analytics too, so both sites combined pretty much covers everything. Thanks again Robbie for the feedback. We are going to be working through the keywords over the next few weeks, but already we've amended some of the items that Woo Rank flagged and our score is higher than it was, so thanks for your help :)

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            Glad to help, is your new aerator designed around the american pluggr?

            Great machine :)

            • PRO Supplier

              Hi Robbie, the action of the aerator is similar to the pluggr in that the tines drive the machine forward. However we get to this in a slightly different manner. We have a a centrifugal clutch & permanently tensioned belts rather than a tensioner system. We also use a chaincase instead of a crank. If you would like any more info let me know.

              John Bates

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      Hi Robbie. Thank you, glad you like the site. We'll definitely look into the keywords though! Thanks so much for your feedback.Sarah

This reply was deleted.

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