Tannin is a substance found in many different plants. Tannins is notably found naturally occurring in grapes, tea leaves, oak and eucalyptus leaves.


Tannin stain on Sandstone paving:

Tannin stain on Sandstone paving

Tannins produce the brown leafy hues inside the foliage of some trees and various other trees. The golden yellow within a number of leaves, one example, is eucalyptus are due to tannins being present together with the yellow carotenoid pigments. Tannins are a bitter substance responsible for the colour and flavour of tea.  They're common spend of tree metabolism, deposited within the cell sap within the vacuole too much like cell walls. They frequently occasions accumulate in dead tissue.  These compounds are inside the leaves and only become visible as chlorophyll and carotenoids disappear from the leaf.


Paving stained from Tannin:

Paving stained from Tannin


Sandstone is a sedimentary rock group which is mostly made up of tiny grains of quartz. Most sandstone is formed in oceans, lakes and rivers where tiny bits of rock and dirt settle to the bottom. Sandstone is a porous material and, due to that fact, can easily become discolored from natural environmental factors. All sandstone are composed of the same general minerals. These minerals make up the framework components of the sandstones. Such components are quartz, feldspars and lithic fragments.


How we removed the tannin stains:


 NOTE....we are not liable for your actions...the procedure is our tried and tested method and we urge you not to take any notice of my experiments.



Rustins wood bleach


Dont be put off by reading the words wood bleach because the materials with the tannin stains are sandstone, the ingredients thats required to react with the tannin is oxalic acid, which is an ingredient found in the wood bleach.


Our procedure to remove the tannin stains.


1. Wet the contaminated area with water

2. Apply liberally with a clean paint brush some contents of bottle A

3. Leave for 20 minutes and wash 

4. Apply  liberally with a clean paint brush some contents of bottle B

5. Leave for 2 hours and wash 

6. Nutralise the acid with a splash of white vinegar and wash

7. Seal the paving with a matt sealant 


Sandstone paving with tannin removed:

Sandstone paving with tannin removed



Always test an inconspicuous area first and wear safety gogggles and gloves.


Seal the sandstone paving:

Seal the sandstone paving


For all Sandstone paving, driveway installations I'm just a call or email away.


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  • Hi Kerry ,we use oxalic acid too ,making green oak furniture this is often an issue with clients. good post mate.

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