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One issue cropping up regularly now is the new move for large scale sustainability. There are now significant areas of post farmland, which has been bought by non farmers, (including a plethora of GP's for some reason). And as Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and others preach the benefits of a sustainable life, (and rightly so), many dream to achieve the same, without realising just how difficult it is, (an hours tv programme a week is not enough of a qualification)All of us in land industry should be gaining work from this situation; as quite frankly this type of land management is not as easy as it seems. Agriculture is a tough industry, farmers were not simple people there is a need for an immense amount of knowledge - and if think you can hold down a job elsewhere and assume to be able to keep even a decent sized smallholding under good management, you will be very mistaken.The proof that many have fallen foul is already very apparent, particularly in rural Devon and Cornwall, where noticeable tracts of land are in poor management, notifiable weeds are running rampant and grant aided 'new wave' farmers are being prosecuted for bad animal husbandry, (whilst they set out with the best intentions).We have been asked so many times to provide help, on the Cornish Apple Trees site we see around 20 or so emails a week asking for quite in depth advice. Sometimes this generates consultation contracts, but 9 times out of 10 the scale of the lack of knowledge of the client has led to massive problems which requires significant capital to sort out.We have even allowed some clients to come and train alongside some the CSL contractors to get to know the basics, but this is still not enough. Anyone planning to do the 'good life' needs to allow a contingency for outside contractors particularly in the early stages and must not get too greedy with the quantity of land they require.The best books around to use as a basic guide are: The Agricultural Notebook, 20th Edition, by Richard Joffe. The New complete book of Self Sufficiency, by John Seymour. Forestry Commission Handbook 8, 'Establishing Farm Woodlands' by D R Williamson. And absolutely essential is to keep well updated with all relevant Defra laws and rules.Defra and other land based quangos have a shortfall of funding, which has meant that many people have no inclining that they have actually been breaking the law, in some cases quite seriously, in the way they are managing their plots of land. And unless kept in check, we will soon see major changes to the traditional British landscape, together with huge swathes of non productive land.The best advice we can give to anyone who has found themselves with large plots and wishes to go sustainable is to plant most of it with trees, particularly fuel crops such as hazel or alternatively orchards for apple production, (at present one of the largest growth areas of land industry, helping to feed the binge drinking culture that we are). But even then trees need management and it is quite disgraceful driving around the UK, both in urban and rural areas to see how our trees are suffering from not just minimal management but frankly no management at all - when there are plenty of qualified personnel to carry out the work.All of us in land industry have suffered greatly from the common misapprehension that we are only there when a landowner, (be it a garden or estate), cannot cope anymore. This is unfair and the landscape as a whole has suffered and this is set to get worse.www.paysagedurable.com
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  • Similar things are happening north of the border loads of new crofters from the city with grant money in they pockets. Leaving animals out in winter growing the wrong trees. Funniest is watching standard trees bought from a garden centre which are staked and planted on cliff edges, it should be a crime. Best to let them know about this site and leave you guys to sort out
  • I agree; there is definitely a need for someone to fill the hole between something like FWAG and a consultant ecologist.... keep me posted as it's an area we're interested in developing too...

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Chris replied to Chris's discussion Stihl KB-KM Kombi Bristle Brush, Removing Moss?
"You did a good job with property in the video robbie, I'll be only working on a smaller scale and the block paving isn't thick with moss so hopefully the Kombi will be up to the job.
I needed a back up multitool for next season so the Stihl will def…"
16 hours ago
Dan Frazer Gardening replied to Chris's discussion Stihl KB-KM Kombi Bristle Brush, Removing Moss?
"Yes, I'm specifically talking about monoblock though"
17 hours ago
Robbie replied to Chris's discussion Stihl KB-KM Kombi Bristle Brush, Removing Moss?
17 hours ago
John F replied to Chris's discussion Stihl KB-KM Kombi Bristle Brush, Removing Moss?
"Robbie on here does an excellent youtube video using a hired wheeled powerbrush to remove moss . 
Algon and Moss off are also excellent products to apply directly to the surface but better to apply to a dry surface although not much chance  this tim…"
20 hours ago
Graham Taylor replied to Chris's discussion Stihl KB-KM Kombi Bristle Brush, Removing Moss?
"I just use the standard strimmer head....... at the right angle with a good length of cord, it's pretty quick though I'm sure it's not as quick as a bristle brush. If you only do this job occasionally, it might not be worth the expense of buying the…"
20 hours ago
John F replied to Ian Parkes's discussion decent winter gloves
"Skytec Argon EN388 rated thermal gloves are nice warm ,waterproof gloves and give good protection .  
 Retail around £9.99 but only around £4.99 a pair on line or less for a bulk buy . "
20 hours ago
Ben Carter replied to Paul's discussion Beech hedge reduction - tools required?
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Gary replied to David Benson's discussion leaf blowers killing insects
"I also picked up on this via another article earlier this week and smiled.
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Ben Carter replied to David Benson's discussion leaf blowers killing insects
" I hear so much of this I stopped beliveing it!"
21 hours ago
David Benson posted a discussion
23 hours ago
Dan Frazer Gardening replied to Chris's discussion Stihl KB-KM Kombi Bristle Brush, Removing Moss?
"I think brushing blockwork is going to be quite a compromise compared to the results you'd get with a pressure wash. I personally wouldn't even consider it, saving the power brushes for tarmac drives and tennis courts. "
Chris replied to Chris's discussion Stihl KB-KM Kombi Bristle Brush, Removing Moss?
"Thanks for the advice, I didn't really want to go over the £450 budget but the videos I've seen of the bristle brush shows it in use with the KM 130. So I think I'll probably go for the more powerfull engine, Radmore and Tucker do the Stihl KM 131R…"
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"as above -- the power brush is great -- but only really used it with the KM130 -- which tbh is well worth buying as a back up to the KM 94 -- the extra power is particularly usefull with the pole pruner -- really gives a bigger punch -- the KM130 is…"
Dave Colton replied to Chris's discussion Stihl KB-KM Kombi Bristle Brush, Removing Moss?
"I used the brush for moss removal just last week but I had it on a KM130 and it was bloody hard work where the most was well embedded. So I would treat the moss first as I think this would make it easier to get up with the brush. Not sure the 94 wou…"
Chris posted a discussion
I've a couple of jobs to do in the next couple of weeks and require something to speed up the task of clearing the moss and weeds from block paving, I was thinking of buying the Stihl KM94R -CE KOMBI unit with the bristle brush attatchment, has anyo…
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