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Limagrain UK has announced that it will be launching an exciting new range of products at BTME 2017 on stand C39, which will include a new addition to the leading MM range of grass seed; two new mixtures to its extensive wild flower portfolio and a new Colour Splash mixture.

The new products will be of great interest to greenkeepers and course managers alike, who are devoted to improving both the quality and the aesthetics of golf courses. The demand and pressure placed on the modern day greenkeepers to produce a consistent playing surface continually grows at a pace. Seed quality, purity and vigour are the essential ingredients of a first-class golf course and Limagrain’s MM range of seed mixture provides exactly these.

The all new MM7 is a heavy-duty golf green renovation mix where fast establishment and coverage is needed along with heavy duty wear tolerance. A visit to the Limagrain stand at BTME will offer visitors an ideal opportunity to find out more about this much anticipated mixture.

For a number of years, golf courses throughout the UK and beyond have benefitted from Limagrain’s Wild Flower mixtures. They have not only provided a rich, colourful and diverse ecological habitat but they have also wowed members by offering great aesthetic value to enhance the natural beauty. Course managers and greenkeepers will be pleased to see the addition of AWF 9 - a new 80/20 grass and wild flower mix designed to provide an array of low growing wild flowers and AWF 10 – a mix designed to provide a rich canopy of wild flowers that is particularly attractive to pollinating insects. Both of these mixtures contain an assortment of beautiful British native wild flowers.

Limagrain’s new Colour Splash Butterfly mix is a brand new annual, biennual and perennial mix specifically designed to attract butterflies at a time when butterfly numbers have been declining. This mixture is an ideal solution for those wanting to bring a splash of colour to their golf course as well as attracting some fantastic wildlife.

The Colour Splash range of mixtures are extremely easy to sow and the resulting flowers are vigorous plants which are more than capable of competing with weeds. Their vigour is equally matched by robustness; resisting long periods of drought. They are also fast flowering and cost effective.

Limagrain’s amenity seed specialists will all be on hand at BTME to discuss these new mixtures in more detail and will also be available to offer their expertise on any queries you may have.

For further information, please contact Limagrain UK on 01472 371471 or visit the company’s website www.limagrain.co.uk. You can also follow the company on Twitter: @MM_Seed

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