Garden design and planting plans Devon

Garden design, Landscaping and Planting Plans Devon

A huge thank you to Phil Voice, Landscape Juice Network.....with out him I would not be posting this blog or collaborating.

We are pleased to announce that multi award winning Garden Designer and Landscaper, Kerry Jackson of Jackson's Landscape Design, Devon has joined forces with nurseryman and award winning designer Toby Buckland. Toby, owner of Toby Buckland Nurseries and Plant Center at Powderham Castle is now designing planting schemes for our clients.


                                      Kerry Jackson and Toby Buckland discuss

                                      Garden design and planting plans Devon

Planting plans and Garden design Devon


“Creating a planting scheme is the closest thing going to painting with flowers and foliage and the effects are limitless,” says Toby. “Unlike bricks and mortar, plants are dynamic and have to be chosen to thrive without dominating and crucially to look colourful right through the year.”

“We opened our nursery at Powderham Castle in 2011 growing roses, grasses and perennials – chosen for their ability to flower over a long period, their garden worthiness and suitability for the West Country climate. Plants that not only look good but have a function is also key to the selection process, whether it’s fragrance, wildlife-friendliness or the ability to survive where little else will.”

“I’m really excited about working with Kerry. His landscaping skills are second-to-none and together I believe we can offer a unique service perfectly geared to deliver what clients want and create exceptional gardens that they will love”.


Kerry Jackson, Jackson's Landscape Design and Toby Buckland 

Jacksons Landscape Design and Toby Buckland

Toby Buckland is a qualified horticulturist, TV broadcaster and a lifelong gardener. Known for his earthy, hands-on style, Toby is an acknowledged all-rounder with that rare ability to make gardening accessible to all.

His career has taken him from Devon nurseryman, to professional gardener and on to presenting numerous TV shows, including BBC Gardeners’ World. He is an award-winning designer, taking RHS Gold and Best in Show at BBC Gardeners’ World Live in 2008.

He also writes for a variety of horticultural journals and newspapers, including The Guardian,Saturday Telegraph and Mail on Sunday. He is the author of five gardening books, including his latest BBC book ‘Flowers: Planning and Planting for Continuous Colour’.

Both Toby and I look forward to discussing your aspirations and creating bespoke gardens throughout Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, Avon and Somerset.


We look forward to meeting you.

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  • PRO

    congratulation Kerry that's fantastic news :)

  • Thanks fairness it all boils down to Phil....Toby contacted him seeking a quality landscaper in Devon.......hey presto.....

  • PRO

    Great news Kerry, so pleased it all came together :-)

  • congratulations - looking forward to seeing the photos of future projects

  • Thanks Gary and Craig

    Yesterday my weak link within my business was I stand solid. A win win situation.

  • PRO

    You really will be a force to be reckoned with now - Boy you were (are) very good but by now joining forces I can foresee an interesting future ahead for you. 

  • Thanks Mr Mann

    I work hard as it work load will increase.....but hey you get nowhere sat about wishing and thinking of what might be.....

  • A great collaboration for both of you, - A really good garden has experts in both landscaping and plants, and Devon now have a great team.

  • PRO

    Very true Kerry and its uncanny that Toby and you could be twins judging by the picture in your blog :-)

  • Thanks Claire

    Lets see what we can deliver to the county of Devon....... certainly a good fusion of knowledge to offer the Southwest

    Twins indeed Graeme !! ;)

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