Day 11

Gazebo and tools moved from sub base area so the intricate paving detail can be sprayed on the ground, all measurements and diameters are noted and loaded into CAD software, Sketchup Pro 8.

I undertake this marking out procedure because of the complexity of the paving design and to be precise when purchasing the materials.....


Work continues to lay the internal planter walling, the quoins are built first at each corner and the top block leveled with a laser level ensuring the correct finished height, a string line and wooden dolly's, and a tight knot free string line are then used to lay each course of block work.



Works also continue to mitre and nail the pvc render angle beads.


Day 12


All block work is completed, all angle render bead work is nearing completion, the dpm liner to the internal planter is hug and taped to stop the damp topsoil popping the render off at a later date.

Unlike the rest of the UK, we have not seen the frost so all mortar works continue. Once the ambient temperature falls to 3 degrees and dropping, as water in the mortar freezes, disruptive expansion of the mortar occurs. Finally, wet or ice-covered unit surfaces prevent development of a good bond between the mortar and unit.

I will not use any cement works period, it must be 3 degrees and rising for Jackson's Landscape Design to continue. No exceptions for any client will be made


The scratch coat is completed.

10 tons of the famous Torbay red topsoil is delivered to the front driveway and loaded to barrows and installed within the internal planter.

All scratch coat is covered as the forcasted rain will wash the lot off.

Off to pack and catch up with the best driveway installer in the UK, Mick Gammage, Cyrstalclear, Bolton a high profile Marshalls installer.

Day 13

For top coat the mixing process has no Febmix mortar plasticiser this is replaced with one  measurement of waterproofer, for all salty coastal areas two measurements are included.

The top coat, final render is applied with a hawk and steel trowel, the secret is get the mix on the walls and don't play around with it.....cement waits for no man....

Knowing that the South West of England is due for heavy rain tomorrow, 19/12/12, I must apply the render and float off with a plastic float and sponge finish today, as render and rain do not mix....I cant return early to finish off. 

A two coffee mugs full of rapid hardener to the 4;1 ratio render mix, this ensures that what ever I lay on is completed the same returning in the rain.

The plastic float removes any small lumps and bumps, trowel lines and brings the course sand to the surface.

The sponge finishes the render to the finished requirements. The beads are kept clean ready for the paint application once the render has dried.

Day 14

Happy New Year one and all.

Right, back to work then, here's to a prosperous 2013.

The main existing armoured cable has the junction box removed and the cable is fed through the planter via a central hole. A trench is cut to house the ducting to up light the cupressus sempervirens to the perimeter planter of the garden.

Ducting is installed and back-filled with an electrical hazard warning tape above the duct.

A new tool has been erected as the "new" pop up gazebo wasn't worth a toffee, I wouldn't recommend the flimsy rubbish to any one. The graphite masonry paint sample has been applied to the finished render and approved by clients.

Works continue with the final render coat.


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  • PRO

    looking good Kerry, its transformed the rear garden

  • Thanks''l look totally different from when I first arrived.

  • Only one word to describe this work, 'Excellent' The photography is amazing and compliments the work. Congratulations Kerry, well done. Eric Barker.

  • PRO

    Kerry, Any chance of finishing the series? The garden looks fantastic as per usual!

  • Of course Mr Ray.....Once I return, tomorrow 07/01/13, the daily blog will continue....

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