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I've been itching to let you in on a little information regarding a positive transition of my garden design and Landscaping company, based in Newton Abbot, Devon. 

Business for Jackson's Landscape Design before joining LJN on the January 23, 2009 was, and I'll be straight here, a struggle and I do mean a struggle...I did the leaflets and the shop windows...I was  constantly battling to keep my head above water...not matter what I tried I was beaten back by the big stick of business.

It didn't help matters at all years ago by introducing contemporary gardens in a rural area but I believed in myself and tried to press forwards regardless. 

I knew I had a different product but just didn't know which way to turn let alone talk or seek advice from other people in the same industry...after all some are so pompous round here they'd would scoff down the phone or via emails......"Its people like you that this industry can do without and your unsolicited calls and emails"....cheers! 

Every single penny I ever earned went back in to the business, cd covers, drawing boards, brochures, upgrading tools, presentation packages, BT, yell, Devon Life, Torbay yacht club, trailers, even doughnut vans converted into drying rooms...........any way...I think you catch my drift...life for me was no different to yours at some stage...I'm sure. 

Googling one day on January 23, 2009 searching for an overall price per linear meter for fencing I believe, I literally stumbled across Landscape Juice Network. 

I cant begin to describe the 180 degree turn in business since reading and taking heed what other professionals in the same industry had to say or advise on......in fact I wasn't long after joining that I started to seek answers...and do you know what, I was answered in a human civil manner....in fact the first person to ever speak to me in my profession was a gent called Nicky Patterson.....I searched this name a found out had been on TV, Nicky is and will always be an inspiration to me, period. 

On TV! and he's chatting to me telling me he liked my work! he has to be taking the Michael, no offence to readers named Michael, by the 25th January 2009 I was hooked....it didn't mean that life was rosy as soon as I hit the return button on the LJN register form....in fact business got a whole lot worse...to such an extension that I ended up with my back against the wall and was forced to work 1 night in a fish factory.......some may remember......I jacked that and spent Oct, Nov, Dec 2009 and Jan Feb 2010 on site ground working just to keep the roof over our heads, food in my family's bellies, pay the rent on lock-ups, live and pay the monthly fee to Marshalls. 

It was through out these dark months that I spoke openly and honestly with Phil and with his guidance, knowledge and overall positive manner towards the profession has kept me going. I'll be truthful here, if it wasn't for the LJN and the shear slog that this man has grafted his heart and soul into I for one doubt very much that I'd be here today....you may get some hate mail now Phil!! 

I wouldn't have met or heard of any of you juicers or twitters or LinkedIn members etc..I wouldn't be the finely tuned designer or the content landscaper, or the loving family man, or hard faced business man, or tight git, or avid networker that I am today.

With out Phil Voice, LJN or my fellow members I wouldn't like to hazard a guess where I'd be right now.

Thank you Phil, thank you fellow juicers for being yourselves and allowing me to grow under your wings.

Please accept my humble donation  to such a life changing, worthy association. With help from all  fellow members by means of a £30 yearly donation we will all change as LJN changes.

Thanks for reading


Kerry Jackson


Garden Design Devon


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  • well that is certainly from the heart Kerry, an excellent post indeed and just shows what a kind, caring and considerate person you are
  • Dan


    LJN  has everything you need to grow except funding....can we all unite and stand for what we believe in...or do we just hide behind our keyboards and just allow LJN and Phil to struggle on?


    I for one know which direction I'dlike to see LJN go....upwards and onwards.

  • Kerry


    Glad to hear things are going well



  • PRO

    I'm blushing a bit Kerry but thank you for writing this and what delights me is the way Landscape Juice has had such a positive impact on your business.


    Good luck for the future.

  • An inspiration to all :)

  • I know exactly what you mean! With LJN you really know you're not alone :)
  • PRO

    great guns ,    

    many of our thoughts too i would hazard a guess.....  


    when do we pay -  nov/dec ?

  • I'm so glad I wrote this post back in 2011.

    I look back to those lean times and appreciate the business I have built to-date.

    I stand by every word I wrote two years down the road.

    With out Phil and LJN who knows where we might be.

    All the best to you and your family Mr V

  • PRO

    Thank you Kerry and thank you for your continued support:)
    That also goes for every LJN member who supports the site.

    I've noted some fantastic content recently with some threads turning over nearly 5,000 views in under three weeks.

    I'm pleased that LJN has turned out to be such a valuable tool for those who use it:)

  • I too have been at the receiving end of Phil's enthusiastic support. He's a good man. Thanks Phil, Best wishes Neil

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