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I have been in horticulture all my life - I ran The London Gardening Company for 13 years before selling out and moving to the country. Spells with other landscaping firms ensued - (where I found not running the business very difficult) and I began to question some of the procedures in the trade. As a result I have recently started a new venture called GardenEye aimed at helping customers have their garden done with less hassle, sensible pricing and with qualified expertise, by approved local contractors,- where possible bringing in skilled tradesmen for particular disciplines. I can design the projects in advance of the GardenEye treatment, or if not work with a designer to get the best value for their client. I have a farming, horticultural,design and landscaping background which I use, I hope, to my advantage as an award winning designer and Project Manager. This is an exceptional way to have your garden built, honestly and totally independently.

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Landscaper, Garden Designer, Landsacping, Gardening, project management, Garden Design - consultancy.

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