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Coblands Landscapes Ltd





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Coblands Landscapes Ltd have over 40 years trading history as a specialist contractor providing landscape construction and grounds maintenance services to commercial and public authority clients in Southern England. Our long experience and wide range of craft skills are managed to ensure contracts are performed efficiently economically and always to satisfy our clients’ objectives. We specialise in tending high amenity value landscape such as prestige office surrounds, business parks, historical estates and gardens when craft skills and experience makes a valued difference. Originating from a nursery the core of the company has always maintained a high level of horticultural knowledge and practicality. Coblands Landscapes are founder members of British association of Landscape Industries (BALI) we hold numerous awards from BALI Annual National Landscape Awards. We see grounds maintenance as an opportunity to not just to sustain but to develop the quality of the managed landscape features, looking to the long-term outcome and achieving the best return for the investment made in the built environment whether large or small. Coblands Landscapes have the proud record of long-term involvements maintaining prestige high amenity value developments, also of historic gardens and grounds. Many of these Client/Contractor relationships now extend well into a second decade of continuous service.

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Landscaper, Maintenance, Tree Surgeon, Commercial

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Above £500k

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