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Which cordless brand?

We are thinking of adding a range of professional cordless hedge trimmers, strimmers and maybe mowers to our hire fleet for 2017. Has anyone got experience of Pellenc or Ego? We shall also put Stihl into the mix. any experience with these makes, or suggestions for ones we have not thought of, would be much appreciated.

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    There are a few past threads with lots of comments on this but I've got Pellenc and Sthil both have their own individual benefits and draw backs but are great kit and I'd never go back to petrol now
  • I have a couple of Stihl cordless hedge trimmers and they are brilliant, I would also like to know of any reviews on the ego stuff, especially the blowers and mowers.

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    Will be interesting to see how resilient various cordless products ( inc accessories ) are in the hired-out market place.

    I'm sure Contractors will watch with interest.....

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      Makita seems a popular choice, I believe aimed at the hire market? Not used the cordless stuff but I hired one of their mowers at the tail end of the season to get me out of a jam. Seemed well nailed together but very slow and underpowered (70kg and a GCV 160 21 inch). They also have extensive knowledge of cordlesss drills etc. obviously.

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    Thanks for your thoughts. I'll let you know which way we jump in due course

  • Husqvarna are the pick of the bunch for battery product!

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    Stiga make a full range of 80 volt steel deck mowers and the same batteries can be used in a strong range of brushcutters, a hedgecutter, blower and chainsaw. You can also get a roller mower that uses the same battery from Mountfield and Atco.
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    cant recommend stihl cordless hedge trimmers enough. not tried any other make but for everyday maintenance they are fantastic.

    trimmer is good for edging but eats batteries if cutting back

    chainsaw and pole pruner are also excellent for the smaller tree stuff we get involved in

    I've got 1 of each of the 3 sizes of battery and they usually see us through every day with 2 men.

    much cleaner, easier, lighter , quieter, less tiring to use. 

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    Do you still get vibration with the battery powered equipment, also how long do the batteries last, as I wouldn't want to run out of power half way through a garden or half way through the day
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      It's inevitable that you would get some vibration, but presumably considerably less than from a petrol-engined machine. Also, you wouldn't be breathing petrol and exhaust fumes.

      We have not got around to considering HAV levels yet, but may well go for Husqvarna equipment.

      Thanks again for everyone's comments.

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