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Two new Agrovista Amenity Apprentices

Agrovista Amenity has announced the appointment of two new apprentices – Sophie Allen and William Gray.

Sophie joins the company as a Trainee Business Support Administrator and will be working towards an NVQ Level 3 in Business Administration. As a keen cricketer and a volunteer groundsperson at her local cricket club, Sophie was already aware of Agrovista before applying for the position.  

“Whether it is rolling, marking, spiking or renovating, I really enjoy preparing the cricket pitches and maintaining them so that they are ready for our teams to play on,” she said. “This work has provided me with a lot of knowledge about the company because we get all our products from Agrovista Amenity. 

10477367692?profile=RESIZE_584x“This is a fantastic opportunity and I’m really looking forward to starting a brand-new career which will hopefully be long-lasting.”

When Sophie is not at her cricket club, she likes to keep active and go on long walks with her ‘crazy’ puppy.

William is the newest addition to the sales team and is three weeks into his apprenticeship. He joins the company with a great knowledge in IT and communications, which he gained through education and various work experience. In his spare time William is a keen swimmer and a fan of history, who enjoys visiting ruins and museums.

Commenting on his new role, William said: “I get the impression that Agrovista is very up to date and progressive with the market it operates in and covers a wide range of products where I could gain new and interesting knowledge. I am also thrilled to learn about commercial exporting as I find it very interesting in how goods are transported in and out of the UK.

“I am looking forward to being able to assist my team and increase productivity. My new team is a big factor and have been excellent at making me feel welcome - so a big thank you to them.”

Dan Hughes, Head of Commercial for Agrovista Amenity, revealed his delight at welcoming Sophie and William to the team.

“As an employer, nothing is more rewarding than providing young, talented, and ambitious people an exciting career opportunity.

“With amenity being such a niche sector, both Sophie and William have the opportunity to harness specialist skills and knowledge for a successful career. We are fortunate to have a team and organisational culture that prides itself on helping, knowledge sharing and progressing committed team members and that is vital to our ethos and business success.”

For more information about Agrovista UK, visit

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