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driveway to 17th hundreds country house in the cotswolds our remit to use a suitable material. we chose a reclaimed granite sett cubes with varying sizes to form a bogen pattern.we used a band of 3 setts to all outsides. view to house photo 123.jpg

 photo 122.jpgthis gives us levels and falls for water we also place our gully pots to catch all the debris they are fitted with sludge buckets  photo 120.jpg we then started from the far side working to the gate we set up our templates which i designed my self.they are better than the old way of laying. photo 124.jpg the setts are laid on a 4/1 sharp sand cement mix tapped in to level with lump hammer  photo 125.jpg as you can see we have a gazebo x2 which gives us 32m2 of protection from rain and sun they are tested to 70mph winds there from poptents northern ireland.

 photo 127.jpg the start f the bogens  photo boghens001.jpgsrc="" border="0" alt=" photo 128.jpg"/> you can see the gully which is covered over to stop sand cement droping in. photo 130.jpg working under lights very good for winter work as we stay local to the project we like to work 12hours if we can except friday noon finish to head home 4 hours to york from here

 photo 131.jpg

moving up the driveway rain every day and wind but we love laying setts in any weather. photo boghens005.jpg starting to take shape now  photo boghens007.jpg

 photo boghens013.jpgside parking area we changed the way the bogens went looked better than trying to lay them through the band  photo boghens017.jpg  photo boghens018.jpg the house in sunshine . photo boghens019.jpg

more pictures  photo P1260161_zps49015aa2.jpg birds eye view you can see the level changes. photo P1260163_zps991a8dd1.jpg side view . photo P1260164_zps50770904.jpg looking down as you can see we have to use the smaller "setts" to start the bogen once you get into the swing of it its fun. photo P1260165_zps7dea1839.jpg  photo P1260166_zpsf51e8312.jpg up to the gate  photo P1280167_zps2e5ed8fc.jpghappy layers  photo P1280168_zpscede3fa8.jpg there i am in front of the camara photo P1280170_zpsfaf091cf.jpg more birds eye  photo P1280171_zps9026f7ca.jpg  photo P1280173_zpsda3210eb.jpgoh dear dark again  photo P1280176_zps5b033d8b.jpg am ready for a few beers hard day at the office. photo P1280177_zps69b7f298.jpg were there at last total m2 240. 17working days at our hours  photo P1290178_zpse351c3df.jpg this is inbetween stone pillers for gate band of 4 two eachside of gate happy days  photo P1290180_zpsb9412334.jpg

pictures taken from top of wall photo P1290183_zps6a6e9e07.jpg  photo P1290185_zpsf93027ee.jpg . photo P1290182_zps03f741c4.jpg  photo P1290181_zps745161b3.jpg

The Original Stone Paving Company

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