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Has anyone used or brought a Pellenc Helion Pole Hedgetrimmer, What are they like to use? What are the costs involved compared to a petrol version? and how good is the dealer network? as i have been asked to look into the pros a cons of Battery verses Petrol.

I did ask for a demonstration at a plantnet conferance in April Last year but had no reply on that.

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    Hi Adrian,

    I have a few Pellenc tools and the pole hedge trimmer is next on my purchase list. I have used one on demo for 20 mins or so and it seemed very good - light and easy to use. I cant compare the pole hedge trimmer to a petrol model as i have never had one.

    But i do have the normal Pellenc hedge trimmer and that is excellent - low weight, low vibes, no emissions and generally a joy to use compared to my Stihl HS81R. Hedge trimmer will run all day with one full charge of my battery.


    The other tools vary in the demands they put on the battery - leaf blower and strimmer do not go all day on one charge but i have the tree climbing battery which is not the biggest one they do.

    In order of preference the tools i have are hedge trimmer, chainsaw, powered pruners, blower and strimmer. I like the strimmer the least as it is not as well balanced as a petrol model.

    Prices are quite high for this gear but you have to think about the health benefits they bring as well as being able to work quietly early in the morning or late at night. Buying a battery is like buying all your fuel in one hit. Yes it does need charging every day but this is pennies compared to petrol and 2 stroke oil. Over 3 years it actually works out cheaper.

    I have written a few articles on the subject in the past

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    Hope this helps, Stuart Brogden.

    Eco Garden Maintenance

  • Hi Stuart,

    You comments are interesting, particularly about the strimmer. My only reason for not investigating Pellenc has been cost.

    I guess I'm pretty careful with my tools, as my supplier always moans that I get more life out of them than most of his regulars so I'm less profitable. But, I wouldn't expect a hedgecutter to have a useful life of three years unless I was very lucky. I sort of budget two seasons for most gear, although the Stihl machines do seem to survive being thrown around in a van and generally abused.

    Does the Pellenc stand up to the same day-to-day treatment? Looking at the hadge cutter in your pic it looks far to flimsy to last years longer than the commercial two-stroke equivalents, which it will have to do if it's going to be economical.

    One other question, and I'm only playing Devil's Advocate here a bit, but I've always found that clients expect me to turn up with a load of noisy, powerful equipment. Would the Pellenc make me look like I was using less efficient machinery, with the client thinking it was B&Q-standard electric gear, and hence I wasn't a real professional? We all know how inpressed clients are when they see whole trees going through a chipper, do they feel the same when we use small, lighweight, electric equipment?

  • Thanks Stuart very usefull comments, i guess my only other concern is service backup, there does`nt seem to be a big dealer network. the nearest dealer to us seems to be over 80 miles away, but im guessing that you are are unable to service thease machines yourselves apart from greasing and sharpening.

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    Hi Paul,

    Yes they are costly but they are an investment in my health and well being!

    I too look after my tools very carefully. As it is only me using them there is no issue with things being thrown around and chucked in the van. They aren't as flimsy as what you think and have obviously been designed and made with the professional in mind. If i were to take on an employee then they would be with me at all times and therefore more likely to look after the tools. If i wasn't with them then i guess i would need plenty of pairs of spare pants.

    It is interesting what you say about life expectancy of power tools. If people are only getting 2-3 years out of tools i for one would be very disappointed. Abuse of equipment would not be something i would tolerate even with cheaper petrol tools.

    Concerning noisy powerful equipment - there might be a few prospective clients who would expect this but most of my clients have commented on how quiet the equipment is and how refreshing that is. Of course i do still run some 2 stroke tools but they are high capacity machines such as a 75cc chainsaw with 24" bar and a 45cc brushcutter. The Pellenc tools are not designed to match the output of these but are perfectly capable on 80% of jobs. And i still have my old Stihl HS81R which ocassionally makes an appearance. I always had 2 of most things (one small and one large) because doing some jobs with large machines is very tiring and just not practicable in a lot of cases.


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    Hi Adrian,

    There are more dealers being added all the time. Last year my nearest dealer was 40 miles away. This year it is 12 and that is only a 20 minute drive. There has only ever been one issue with any of my tools in two years and that was done under warranty and returned to me super fast.

    As far as servicing goes, obviously with no engine there is not a lot to do. Greasing and oiling is about it. I am no electrical engineer so if anything went wrong with the electrics or circuit boards i could only attempt the most basic of things like looking for broken connections and switches.

    It has been a revelation since i started using the Pellenc tools. Goodbye to tingling hands, bad backs and exhaust fume induced sickness - i am more healthy and not as tired at the end of the day.

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    How much did the kit cost if you don't mind me asking? I've had a quote and am a bit overwelmed at the price. I know it's going to be more but that much? PM me if you don't want to say here? Much appreciated.

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