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Pellenc is ‘superior’ for Hard Graft

Hard Graft Garden Services, based in East Lothian, Scotland, believes that Pellenc is a ‘superior’ brand of battery-powered technology.

Hard Graft Garden Services is a family-run business based in Longniddry, East Lothian. Founded by father Stuart, the day-to-day running of the business now largely falls his three sons Sam, Fraser and Lewis.

Over the years, the family has built a reputation for supporting the local community and providing an unrivalled customer service. Always looking to the future, Lewis revealed that green technology is integral to the company’s future plans.

9719540701?profile=RESIZE_584x“I would say that 90% of our equipment is now battery powered, and now that we have discovered Pellenc, we are planning on investing in a lot more of the products.”

Lewis admits that he only turned to Pellenc after being dissatisfied with a product from another manufacturer. It was at this point that he got in touch with Etesia - exclusive UK distributors of Pellenc products.

“We had an electric brushcutter from another manufacturer, but the battery just wasn’t lasting as long as we needed it to and there were a few other build quality issues,” he said. “I did some research, found Pellenc and watched some YouTube videos of the products in action and read some end-user reviews. I then got in contact with Etesia and a demonstration was quickly arranged with our local dealer Agrovista Amenity. As soon as I saw that brushcutter in action, I knew it was the one for us.”

The brushcutter Lewis saw being demonstrated was the powerful Excelion 2. With a rotational speed of 6,600rpm and a cutting diameter of 420mm, the Excelion 2 battery-powered brushcutter offers superior performance for professional intensive landscaping and forestry work.

Weighing 30% less than petrol-powered brushcutters, it also has a newly designed smart handle that enables agile manoeuvring and displays digital information in real-time including current speed, battery life (as a percentage and in minutes) and power indication.

“We are using the Excelion 2 every day,” said Lewis. “Sometimes there will be days when we are using it from morning till night. The battery life on it is fantastic and the run time is something that we just don’t have to worry about anymore. I also like the way the digital screen monitors the way you are working, and it provides you with information on your current speed and your battery life.

9719541273?profile=RESIZE_584x“To be honest, the Excelion can probably go longer than I can,” he continued. “The other day I was on 89% battery, and I still had seven hours of run time left and that is way beyond how long I would want to strim for!

“I also like the way there are four speed settings. Level one manages the small gardens perfectly, and if you come across a bigger section with larger grass, then a quick tap of the button and you are up to level 3 or 4 and away you go. You can use it no matter what the size of the garden.”

Lewis and the Hard Graft team power the Excellion 2 with the Pellenc ULiB 1500 backpack battery, which gives the user freedom of movement and optimal work quality.

“We thought we would go for the ULiB1500 battery because it is the biggest battery in the range and we plan to invest in more Pellenc equipment, which can all be used with this battery. Everything feels great, it is very comfortable, and you have no issues with your back – because of the harness. 

“It is a great design and very compact for something so powerful – it is not as big as some of its competitors, and it fits nicely in the van when you are storing it.”

Lewis is being looked after by Pellenc dealer Agrovista UK, and Allan Wright has been on hand to ensure Hard Graft are happy with their Pellenc purchase. From the product to support – it is safe to say that Lewis is a happy customer.

“Both Allan and Stephen Muir from Eteisa UK have been very helpful - both of their knowledge is fantastic – I simply cannot fault the service. They walked us through everything, explained everything thoroughly, and that is what you want because you are investing in premium products.

“For the more money you spend, you are getting battery powered technology which is far superior and a first-class service. The products are built to last, and this is backed by the four-year battery warranty.

“As I say, I did a lot of research and I looked at what other manufacturers had to offer. It was clear that Pellenc is a cut above the rest.”

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

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