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In noise sensitive areas consideration must be given to the distraction and annoyance caused by contractors using petrol powered machinery.  In this instance  a company such as Eco Garden maintenance may be utilised to undertake garden and landscape maintenance with minimal noise pollution. They have been using low noise battery powered tools from the manufacturer Pellenc in the Leeds, York, Selby, Tadcaster and Wetherby area for the last two years and have developed a loyal  following of clients who appreciate the environmental benefits,  excellent workmanship and customer service provided.

Pellenc produce professional quality garden tools which can run all day on a single charge of the backpack battery. This is so important for the professional contractor who might have to use the tools for up to six hours every day of the week. Products aimed at the domestic market rarely run for more than an hour on one battery charge before they need recharging. Professional grade tools are needed to get the job done efficiently, to the best standard and with minimal breakdowns. Pellenc battery powered tools do all these things, produce no exhaust fumes and are extremely quiet. Combining these aspects with their low weight makes them a joy to use resulting in higher productivity through reduced fatigue and a general increase in the users happiness and morale. 

The low noise output from these tools are a major consideration for people and companies who decide to employ Eco Garden Maintenance to maintain their gardens or open spaces. There is nothing more annoying than trying to relax or work when all you can hear is the constant drone of a two stroke engine as used on most hedge, trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and strimmers.

Eco Garden Maintenance can bring these considerable benefits to many situations including private gardens, office grounds, churches, residential and nursing homes, schools, hotels, public houses, restaurants and residential communal grounds.

To discuss your low noise garden or landscape maintenance requirements please do not hesitate to contact us at www.ecogardenmaintenance.co.uk

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Daisy Lacey replied to Daniel Edwards's discussion Filling in a pond
"Yes, that would help. But if the area below the 'patch' is more/less free-draining than the surrounding area it will affect the lawn colour even if it's the same species all the way through. Possibly not immediately but in 2/3 years for sure."
3 hours ago
Neal Barker @ Etesia uk replied to Daniel Edwards's discussion Filling in a pond
"As The others have already said with the hardcore etc etc,
only thing to add is that would it be possible to seed the area instead of laying turff ?
this would alow you to overseed the rest of the lawn which might help to tie in the areas together…"
4 hours ago
Progreen Weed Control replied to Jessica Bateman's discussion Mealybugs
"Tricky customers to be sure. I can suggest a 3-way product SB Invigorator which works by a physical mode rather than chemical so its safer for users & edible/ non-edible crops without harming useful predators. Also acts against Powdery Mildew.....
4 hours ago
paul doyle replied to Jessica Bateman's discussion Planting courses
"I can recommend any courses but I would definitely recommend a few books which can help a lot.
The making of the modern garden . Christopher nearl Hole
Planting , a new perspective oudolf n kingsbury.
Everything ever written  by the late Christopher…"
10 hours ago
Glen Stillman replied to Glen Stillman's discussion seaweed meal / calcified seaweed as lawn feed
"Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but thanks for all the info."
20 hours ago
Dave Colton replied to Jessica Bateman's discussion Mealybugs
"You can start by using a hose (I use a jet washer) and wash as many as you can off the trunk and branches most sprays that are effective on greenfly will also treat mealey bug but have have to be persistant as they hide in nooks and crannys in the b…"
John Powley replied to John Powley's discussion New turf struggling
Went yesterday and it's just drying out and they said they were just watering it for about ten minutes.
Ground was watered prior to laying but it's amazing how quickly your hard work can get undone. 
They've had a rollicking and are doing…"
Richard Gadsby replied to John Powley's discussion New turf struggling
"I’m with Colin. 99% they have put a hose or sprinkler on for 10 mins at most and they think it’s enough........"
Colin Hunt replied to Andrew Evans's discussion Pond loosing water
"I'm not an expert, but I notice that the waterfalls and header pond have an area that exceeds the surface area of the lower pond by around 5/1. So lets say the whole surface area is around 22 sq.m and lost 10mm a day through evapouration - about nor…"
Colin Hunt replied to John Powley's discussion New turf struggling
"At this time of year, newly laid turf will root within days, providing it has moisture and that means when laid, ie thoroughly wetting the ground BEFORE laying.  For aftercare, very few customers understand that watering means WATERING and think a s…"
John Fulton replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"The skin has healed over now and no infection , I remember kneeling on it and it left a mark which can flare up randomly at certain times , I think pyracantha can leave the fine tip of the thorn under your skin and it can really swell up until it wo…"
Richard Gadsby replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"That was going to be my suggestion! That’s what I do. Get the leatherman out and dig it out straight away before it has the chance to go bad! 
Disclaimer it’s not that bright to do it:)"
Jon Ward replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"Don’t hack at it with your penknife then and  wonder why it hurts more?"
Andrew Betteridge replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"If the thorn is surrounded by weeping puss you can try sitting in a bath of hot water and flexing your leg to draw it out. If that doesn’t work ask the pharmacist at your local chemist about using some drawing ointment.
John Fulton replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"Agree on the Pyracantha , the irritation from a skin puncture can last all week , gauntlets help , i have a thorn from ages ago embedded in my knee and every so often it flares up like some some old shrapnel wound ."
Glen Stillman replied to Rob's discussion Is it safe to cut near or around posionous plants?
"The sap of rue can be potentially very nasty, and the sap from fig trees is quite an irritatant. "

Planting courses

Can any recommend home study diplomas for planting design courses? I've been looking at Oxford College of garden design but would be interested if anyone had pointers for me. I've been a gardener for 20 years but feel I want to do a bit of study.

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1 Reply · Reply by paul doyle 10 hours ago