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In noise sensitive areas consideration must be given to the distraction and annoyance caused by contractors using petrol powered machinery.  In this instance  a company such as Eco Garden maintenance may be utilised to undertake garden and landscape maintenance with minimal noise pollution. They have been using low noise battery powered tools from the manufacturer Pellenc in the Leeds, York, Selby, Tadcaster and Wetherby area for the last two years and have developed a loyal  following of clients who appreciate the environmental benefits,  excellent workmanship and customer service provided.

Pellenc produce professional quality garden tools which can run all day on a single charge of the backpack battery. This is so important for the professional contractor who might have to use the tools for up to six hours every day of the week. Products aimed at the domestic market rarely run for more than an hour on one battery charge before they need recharging. Professional grade tools are needed to get the job done efficiently, to the best standard and with minimal breakdowns. Pellenc battery powered tools do all these things, produce no exhaust fumes and are extremely quiet. Combining these aspects with their low weight makes them a joy to use resulting in higher productivity through reduced fatigue and a general increase in the users happiness and morale. 

The low noise output from these tools are a major consideration for people and companies who decide to employ Eco Garden Maintenance to maintain their gardens or open spaces. There is nothing more annoying than trying to relax or work when all you can hear is the constant drone of a two stroke engine as used on most hedge, trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and strimmers.

Eco Garden Maintenance can bring these considerable benefits to many situations including private gardens, office grounds, churches, residential and nursing homes, schools, hotels, public houses, restaurants and residential communal grounds.

To discuss your low noise garden or landscape maintenance requirements please do not hesitate to contact us at www.ecogardenmaintenance.co.uk

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Graham Taylor replied to Andrew Betteridge's discussion Parking wars.
"Can't understand why the gardener didn't just pack the job in and it would have saved him all this hasstle and stress.................  it was only a 15 minute job so not worth much."
6 hours ago
Clive replied to Kieron glover's discussion Stolen tools
"Sorry to read your news Kieron.
when the car was stationary could you not get the Reg then?
i recently took out a policy With Hiscox, of course only a claim will tell how goo they are.
i spray all my tools with a coloured paint in areas, thinking th…"
7 hours ago
Peter replied to Pembrokeshire Gardening's discussion Cheats / hacks / tips to speed up Graveyard mowing / strimming..
"I do one and it takes 5 hours. Graves are mostly all different angles and uneven so it takes ages."
16 hours ago
David Benson replied to Chris Maynard's discussion Help with hedge ident
"dan.s got it https://www.hedgesdirect.co.uk/acatalog/Portuguese_Laurel_Hedge_Pru...(SKAG)&utm_term=portuguese%20laurel&utm_content=Laurel%20Portuguese%20-%20portuguese%20laurel%20(skag)"
Paul Doyle replied to Chris Maynard's discussion Help with hedge ident
"On the ball Dan !!"
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Gary RK replied to Kieron glover's discussion Stolen tools
"It’s fine to ‘recommend’ a local dealer - it’s not a problem for LJN.
Most Stihl dealerships will work with legitimate contractors to offer a good trade price - as you say this is where building a local dealer relationship scores highly"
Andrew Betteridge posted a discussion
A guy I have met whilst working around town has been having trouble with the neighbour of one of his customers: https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/17437688.gardeners-relief-afte...
Vic 575 replied to Kieron glover's discussion Stolen tools
"The Stihl Dealer I have traded with for about 14 years is very good, they give that old fashioned personal service and really look after you. They even drop bits off at my home as the parts guy lives near me, at no cost that is. To trade customers t…"
dan replied to Chris Maynard's discussion Help with hedge ident
"Portuguese laurel type i would say , certainly worth a few quid at 6 ft high -- so id get them moved quickly because the root ball looks quite small and dry for a plant that size. 
Its a tough plant -- just ensure the location its going has good soi…"
Vic 575 replied to Hamilton Black's discussion which ride on?
Hamilton Black replied to Hamilton Black's discussion which ride on?
"Thank you for taking the time to share this advice with me Vic.  Which area of the Country do you operate in?
GORDON replied to Kieron glover's discussion Stolen tools
"Can't help with your main question but having a Stihl blower and strimmer nicked once i made sure it never happened again.  Self discipline is the only answer, as said always lock your vehicle, no exceptions for a second .Your tools always in sight…"

Stolen tools

Hi All While working at a wholesalers maintaining their ground in a Leicester   I had a load of tools stolen. We all know what it's like when we need three or four power tools to be used one after another and obviously the best and safest way is to…

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