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Many people in the Lincolnshire area own or loan horses, or have some involvement in equestrianism.

For many, owning their own few acres of land is the result of many years of yard…

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Jim Gibbon replied to Colin Anson's discussion Conifer hedges
"I trimmed one about 3 weeks ago. Saw it yesterday and it's looking great."
15 minutes ago
Sean Clarke replied to Colin Anson's discussion Conifer hedges
"Conifers should be fine, the only evergreens I find scorch after cutting are the glossier broad-leaved varieties such as box and laurel."
7 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Glen Stillman's discussion Azalea mulch
"Iron sulphate is great as a top dressing for ericaceous shrubs if they need it. Most bark chip mulches are acidic, so you’re best bet is to apply a iron top dressing with a bark chip mulch. Country Supplies in Hughenden is my go-to supplier for bark…"
7 hours ago
Richard Gadsby replied to Colin Anson's discussion Conifer hedges
"Just done one today. Maybe not the best time but should be ok. Don’t cut too far back"
7 hours ago
John Powley replied to Allen Terry's discussion Mitox machines
"Garbage in my experience, a client had one of the multi tools, it was awful, unbalanced, vibrations, I could never ever get it set up properly and it would never run the same day to day.
I hated it with a passion."
9 hours ago
Craig Flatters replied to Gary RK's discussion “Fully Insured”
"If a flying stone hits someone. Serious injury etc...
I don't see how it works with anything fixable worth under £1000."
12 hours ago
Richard Wilkinson replied to Ian Kenyon's discussion Finding staff - where?
"Hi, We have found that Indeed.com was the most successful advert we used. We have had a couple through facebook but they couldnt drive! just hired 2 new skilled guys, both came for trial days and were really good. Had about 6 apply for the job but t…"
14 hours ago