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Limagrain UK has announced the appointment of new amenity seed specialist Bruce Elliot. Bruce will be covering the southern area of the UK.

Bruce brings with him over 20 years of industry experience, predominantly in professional football where he has previously been head groundsman at Fulham, Reading, Millwall and Crawley Town as well as deputy head groundsman at Tottenham Hotspur.

I left my career in groundsmanship as I had been in the industry a long time, and felt that my dedication to the role, something every groundsman and greenkeeper possesses, was beginning to wane, but I wanted to stay within the industry and pass on the benefit of the knowledge and experience gained over a number of years,” he said.

Bruce’s main responsibility in his new role will be to provide support and information to key customers and distributors to ensure that all their requirements are met, and he believes that his previous experience will certainly be of benefit.

“Having been in the sportsturf industry for over 20 years I feel that that the knowledge, experience and friendships I have gained over this period will allow me to understand the requirements of the end user.

“I’ve also been a user of Limagrain products throughout my career and I have the utmost confidence in the range as I know the quality, reliability and consistency they provide,” he said.

Amenity manager for Limagrain UK, Matt Gresty also believes that Bruce’s experience will prove to be invaluable addition.

“I am delighted that Bruce is joining our team, he brings a wealth of experience in top level groundsmanship and turf knowledge to our customers and clients,” said Matt.

Limagrain UK, one of world’s largest seed companies, is at the forefront of the industry; something which Bruce is particularly proud to be a part of.
“I am looking forward to working for a market leader in the sportsturf industry, with a highly respected range of products used at top sporting venues around the country,” he said.

For further information, please contact Limagrain UK on 01472 371471 or visit the company’s website You can also follow the company on Twitter: @MM_Seed

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9 hours ago
Dave Hooper replied to Bruce Martin's discussion petrol v battery
"Not heard about no sharpening blades. My dealers never mentioned that.
There's  Stihl how to sharpen hedge cutter blade videos on-line. I sharpen mine when there blunt. I find that once the touching worn down in the inside they just don't cut fine…"
10 hours ago
John F replied to Bruce Martin's discussion petrol v battery
"I find cordless is is a joy to use on hedges which just need regular trimming and existing shape and height maintaining but i find petrol has the edge on the bigger jobs but i understand from what i learn on here that there are stihl cordless models…"
12 hours ago
Gary McGeown replied to Terka Acton's discussion Sunken trampoline supply/installation
"Some of the images below look pretty great, and we have found that there are usually excellent videos available from the trampoline manufacturers on Youtube. We have some videos from Berg. Let us know if you want to have a look.
13 hours ago
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13 hours ago
Dave Hooper replied to Adam Woods's discussion Renovating box topiary
"I'd always use a hedge cutter for Stuff like that, especially renovation."
14 hours ago
Adam Woods replied to Adam Woods's discussion Renovating box topiary
"Well here are two examples of the problems - and to remind people... I have been doing the garden (2acres) on around 3 hours a week for the past 2 years or so - and tbh have followed the shape that the cones and spheres were.  We could quite easily…"
14 hours ago
Brian replied to Gary RK's discussion Ramps - what are the options ?
"Hi Gary, aye good mate, except the obvious C19 we're all going through..... you ?"
18 hours ago
Bruce Martin replied to Bruce Martin's discussion petrol v battery
"sorry should of made it clear I do servicing generally on it ie greasing etc every month but send it for a full service once a year - no sap hasn't dried - taken head off nothing looks stuff and well lubricated - looks like it is in the main gearbox…"
18 hours ago
Dave Hooper replied to Bruce Martin's discussion petrol v battery
"I use mine this morning to cut the top off a laylandi hedge, it hadn't been cut for two years, it did fine. But I had to get the petrol poll saw out for a few bits.
You should try a demo one, I wish a brought them years ago!"
18 hours ago
Gary RK replied to Gary RK's discussion Ramps - what are the options ?
"Hi all, many thanks 👍 How the devil are you Brian ? ?"
18 hours ago
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18 hours ago
Bruce Martin replied to Bruce Martin's discussion petrol v battery
"ok so probably no good for me then as I have to cut thicker stuff - thanks for your reply
18 hours ago
Dave Hooper replied to Bruce Martin's discussion petrol v battery
"Only ever own Stihl, but I've found long handled hedge cutter gear heads are only good for three- four years, on the older style of sthil. The new ones I can't say mines still going, but the blades are only really can't good for three years.
I Only…"
19 hours ago
Glen Stillman replied to Bruce Martin's discussion petrol v battery
"There are others on here far better with machines than me, and I'm sure they'll be along, and I hope I'm not being patronising, but there should be a reason why the blades have seized. If you are using the hedge cutter a lot then I wouldn't have…"
19 hours ago
Richard Shelton replied to Paul Doyle's discussion Viburnum problem
"It is interesting that this question has been raised, and I can't offer any more advice than that given so far.
However, I do have another question above Viburnum - Is it just me and my team - but we hate Viburnum! It can look pretty when flowering…"
20 hours ago

petrol v battery

Any views on battery v petrol for a long reach pole trimmerI have had a petrol husqvarna for quite a few years but unfortunately coming to the end of its life I feel as blades have ceased (although this one is only 3 years old ! and maintained…

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Viburnum problem

Hi All,Can anyone identify the problem on these viburnum. They are planted this year and were fine until a few days ago. They were sprayed with liquid fertiliser last week mixed with pesticide..... at least I hope thsts what it was.. Paul

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