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How can I control weeds in my lawn or paddock?

This is a question that is commonly asked, where 'undesirable weeds' such as plantains, daises or ragwort threaten to take over from the grass!

Unfortunately, its not a simple solution if you want to 'do it yourself'....

There are now not many selective herbicides (weed control products) available to homeowners - plus the fact you will need a way of applying it - either a dedicated watering can, or a sprayer of some description.

A watering can full doesn't go far on a small domestic lawn and is FAR too slow for larger lawns or paddocks...


There is! - Simply find a local grass care service to help you, with their experience, professional products and application systems the result will likely be more effective than using 'domestic grade' products.

If your property is within 30 miles of Spalding, Lincolnshire, we may be able to help.

Here at South Lincs Grass Care, we have the experience, qualifications, insurance and equipment necessary to quickly and efficiently rid your grass land (be this paddocks or lawns) of undesirable weeds. 

Using our professional grade, carefully calibrated knapsack sprayers we can treat domestic lawns quickly and efficiently as well as carrying out 'spot treatments' for isolated areas of weeds in paddocks.

For the larger areas, you can use our 'Techneat' pedestrian sprayer, which sprays a 3 metre width with each pass, yet will fold up and fit through a standard 3 foot wide gate.

Frequently used for small paddock work, this compact machine leaves no ruts in the grass (unlike heavy tractor sprayers) and is maneuverable enough to spray right into corners.  

For more details, on how we could help you control weeds in your grassland, paddocks or lawns, contact us today:

01775 830250 - 07745247488 - southlincsgrasscare@yahoo.co.uk




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    I think you may be mis-interpreting the purpose of landscape juice. This is a site mainly for landscape and garden professionals to use, talk to each other and share experiences, its not really the best place to advertise to the public... just a friendly thought!...

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    Tom, there are many, many ways to use LJN...and this is a great way to reach potential new clients - so don't overlook it.

    One of LJN's strengths is it's exposure to all walks of life. It features well in SEO searches and if you look at The Blogs section it is exactly it's purpose. Careful use of blog headings, photos ect massively increases your blog of being seen during key word searches. Many of us use to reach certain target markets.

    If you read LJN's Aims and Objectives it is to provide a platform on which one can advertise your services,  a feature that increases if you upgrade.

    Utlimately, it is B2B, B2C and even C2C based - therefore whatever you wish to make of it :-)

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