Garden construction and landscape build.

An insight to the daily life of a garden design and landscaping build up on a rear garden located in Cullompton, Exeter, Devon.

Day 9 

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Kitchen garden hatchway

Kitchen garden hatchway

The 3m concrete lintels are now bedded down level and the opening for the speakers has been created.

I purposely constructed these two walls to the kitchen garden area first just in-case the weather forecasters are correct and we do encounter the cold snap, If we do see temperatures at freezing I will be able to continue with composite decking frame work and install the smooth black decking boards too.

Garden design plans, Exeter Devon

Garden design plans Exeter Devon

The revised garden design Cullompton, Exeter plan illustrating the Marshalls fairstone golden sand multi clad opening, these speakers will be connected with ease and dismantled by means of an additional cupboard space and a core bit hole in the centre of the clad hole for the cable. 

Manhole alteration

Manhole alteration

The manhole has been dismantled for the insertion of the reflection pond overflow system, once the rocker is installed to the correct falls and levels the brick work will be laid to seal the man hole, I will replace the old steel covering with a 450x450mm recessed paviour tray.

Electric ducting trench

Electric ducting trench

Works have commenced with the hand dig of the electric ducting trenches, all the topsoil will be recycled within the planters.

Scratch coat render

Scratch coat render

The internal storage space to the BBQ, kitchen area is undertaken, I'm careful not to score the scratch coat too hard as this could form small waves on the final top coat render.

Raised seating area feature wall 

Raised seating area feature wall

The up-lighter cables are installed within the recess of the raised seating area, I have complete symmetry with the recessed walling to the composite decking space.

Landscaping block works continue to build the wall in the raised seating area from the concrete footings to the required height and width.

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Electric ducting landscape rear garden installation

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