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Etesia completes portfolio for Scamblers

Scamblers, based in Bourn, Cambridgeshire, believe they now have a complete portfolio of groundscare machinery after they were confirmed as Etesia UK’s newest dealer.

First established in 1974, the family owned business specialise in supplying compact tractors, bank tractors, mowers, utility vehicles and groundscare machinery for every aspect of turf and grounds maintenance. However, Ed Scambler - company director, admitted that he was keen to strengthen the portfolio of products and this led him to Etesia.

“Etesia is a brand that I have been wanting to sell for around twenty years now,” he says. “However, due to prior agreements we had in place we were not really able to do that. I had been looking to complete a whole portfolio of good quality commercial and domestic equipment and I think that with the addition of Etesia, we have finally completed that portfolio.”

With immediate effect, Scamblers will now supply the full range of Etesia grounds care equipment which includes the Duocut range of pedestrian mowers; the Atilla range of brushcutters, the Hydro and Bahia range of ride-on mowers and all new innovative products which feature the latest generation of robotic and remote controlled technology such as the Atilla SKD ExxDrive, Hydro 80 MKHP4 E-Connect and the Bahia Joyride.

“Until very recently, previous agreements have dictated what we sell but now we are in a position to sell what we think is best for the customer. We have been able to go out and hand pick the products that we want and I am confident that with Etesia on-board, it now means we have the most comprehensive range of equipment.”

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit www.etesia.co.uk.

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