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All-in-One Solution for Bloxham School

The SISIS Quadraplay single pass maintenance system has been praised by Tom Hall, deputy head groundsman at Bloxham School in Oxfordshire, for helping him to complete a range of tasks using just one machine.

The prestigious Bloxham School, nestled away in the idyllic North Oxfordshire countryside, boasts excellent sporting facilities spread throughout four spacious playing fields. Each playing field is required for different sporting events throughout the year – summer will see cricket and athletics, the Michaelmas term features rugby and football with hockey predominantly played in the Lent term.

To ensure that the sports pitches are in the finest possible condition, Tom and the rest of the grounds team rely on the SISIS Quadraplay – a single pass maintenance system which incorporates a mounted frame for up to four implements and features a number of benefits such as:

  • Grooming rakes, spikers, slitters, rollers and brushes can be added to the frame making this an exceptionally versatile piece of equipment
  • Up to four operations can be carried out simultaneously
  • A carrying platform for hand tools, seed etc
  • Connects to any tractor with 3-point linkage and utility trucks with suitable frame
  • Robustly constructed and very low maintenance

Tom and the team use four specific implements which they attach to the Quadraplay - the slitter, the grooming rake, the roller and the brush - and he explained how each of them are used.


“The slitter is used to help with aeration to reduce compaction within the playing surface. It also aids drainage and it also creates space for root development.”

“The grooming rake is particularly good for thatch removal and it also removes horizontal growth of the grass plant.”

“The roller and brush assist in creating a level playing surface which provides a better standard of surface for the teams. They also help to disperse debris on the surface - worm cast for example, and in the shadings of the rugby pitches which really contributes to the aesthetics of the whole site.”

One of today's most useful pieces of kit in any groundsman's armoury, the SISIS Quadraplay has been previously compared to a Swiss army knife - compact, versatile and thoroughly useful. It can significantly speed up maintenance tasks by carrying out more than one operation simultaneously – making it ideal for groundsmen like Tom who have several sports pitches to maintain.

“The feature I like most on the machine is that it’s so versatile,” says Tom. “You can use one of the components at any given time or you can use all four at once depending on what job you need to complete.”

“I would definitely recommend the SISIS Quadraplay to other groundsmen. It’s easy to use, it does a number of tasks within one sweep and is very reliable.”

For further information or a no obligation demonstration, please contact SISIS on 01332 824 777 or visit www.sisis.com

For more news, reviews and insightful views, you can follow SISIS on Twitter @SISISMachinery and like the company’s Facebook page – www.facebook.com/SISISMachinery. You can also view the latest SISIS videos by visiting www.youtube.com/SISISMachinery

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