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If someone said to you that you could advertise on one of the most popular gardening and landscaping websites in the United Kingdom at absolutely no risk for one month with no obligation to continue you may feel that there was a big catch or a....but! That is not the case if you wanted to consider advertising on either the Landscape Juice Blog or The Landscape Juice Network. I want your money to work for you and I am prepared to give you and your company the opportunity to try it out, risk free before you make the ultimate decision. Both of us know that one month is not really enough time to gauge advertising properly and there is not a guarantee that you will win a contract but it will give you an opportunity to dip your toe into the water. What is more, I will monitor your traffic for you and let you know how the advert is doing. Ultimately, I am looking for a site sponsor for the Landscape Juice Network who has the same aspirations and enthusiasm as I do to help single gardening and landscaping businesses and small companies raise standards and put the industries on the map. If you are in charge of marketing for a landscape material company or national supplier of trees or shrubs or machinery then please make contact and discuss with me how together, we can represent Landscapers, Garden designers and gardeners and support them in their businesses. For more information on advertising, prices and the service that you can expect to receive at a price you can afford - please contact me direct.
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    I am delighted to announce that the Landscape Juice Network now has sponsorship.

    My thanks go to Karl Harrison of Harrison Gardens and The Water Feature Designer for his support of the site for the next twelve months.

    The network gets and upfront cash payment and additional discretionary payments should any deal(s) emanate through the network.

    Your financial support in the form of sponsorship may or may give you a financial return and no guarantees can me made.

    However, you can be sure that as the site grows - and I receive many many many emails on this - your network is strengthening to become the hottest and only resource of its kind in the United Kingdom and any financial support can assist in adding further to its phenomenal success in the last ten months.

    If you too would like to help - why not get in touch by emailing me.
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David Benson replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"by eye but if its a redyction on sloping ground you can use a cane/stick with a bit of tape round it for a marker i did use a line once on a side reduction of 18 in but set the line about a foot above the hedge out of the way "
22 minutes ago
Paul Doyle replied to John F's discussion skip surface protection
"I'd agree fully. "
52 minutes ago
Paul Doyle replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"Hi neal,
I worked for a company who used a laser level all the time for the tops. It might seem over the top (sorry),but some of the gardens demanded that level of skill for the design to work It means you also go alot faster, as theres no thinking…"
1 hour ago
Sean Clarke replied to Andrew Liddle's discussion Small stones on lawn
"No problem Andrew, don't be afraid to ask, don't mind helping a fellow tradesman out! It's only sat around gathering dust anyway."
1 hour ago
Andrew Liddle replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"I line up by eye using window or brick lines of nearby buildings as a guide. I used string a couple of times but it’s a fiddle as it usually gets cut, but can be useful when agreeing cutting height with the customer."
1 hour ago
Andrew Liddle replied to Andrew Liddle's discussion Small stones on lawn
"Sean, that’s so kind of you. I’ll try rolling and top dressing first and let you know if I think the job is worth taking you up on your offer. Thanks very much."
2 hours ago
Ed Fox replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"Do it by eye. Couple techniques I use are as i descend ladder when my eye level is almost at hedge top level i look along the run and can see the level and any high or low points that may need more work. Also walk away from hedge and look from a dis…"
2 hours ago
Colin Hunt replied to Lewis Hetherington's discussion Charging over 12 months rather than per visit
"It's how we have run our Garden Maintenance business for many years.  There are many benefits which I can list another day, but one big benefit for us is that at the start of each financial year I know within 5% what my minimum turnover will be."
2 hours ago
Fencing Essentials replied to Lewis Hetherington's discussion Charging over 12 months rather than per visit
"We have been doing for years, most customers happy to accept it although prefer to pay by the month for the number of cuts completed.  The 12 monthly option provides income across the year which is welcomed and certainly helps with financial plannin…"
2 hours ago
Christopher Schroeter replied to Lewis Hetherington's discussion Charging over 12 months rather than per visit
"This is exactly what Im doing. Im only new to the business this year. Was thinking about how to do this and the 12 month option seems the best. I do lawn mowing and lawn care and hedges too. I will lump the price together as a total and divide by 12…"
3 hours ago
Phil Shaw replied to Roy Parker's discussion saltex
"i am missing it this year due to work being too busy"
3 hours ago
Phil Shaw updated their profile
3 hours ago
Glen Stillman replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"As others have said, sometimes for a reduction I'll set up some sort of markers, particularly if the ground is sloping. "
3 hours ago
Tony @SM replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"Life's too short!!! To be fair, I'd challenge anyone to find fault with a hedge cut by an experienced hedgecutter. It isnt rocket science but it ain't half satisfying when you've just done a nice neat trim."
3 hours ago
paul watson and Neal are now friends
4 hours ago
Sean Clarke replied to Neal's discussion hedge work
"I've used a string line and line marking spray to do large hedge reductions before, but not necessary for regular hedge trimming, by eye should be plenty good enough."
4 hours ago

Small stones on lawn

I seeded a new lawn for a customer who unfortunately required it to be sown on grade b topsoil already supplied by him that had lots of small stones in it.I levelled the soil and the sown seed took well and is now established. The small stones are…

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7 Replies · Reply by Sean Clarke 1 hour ago