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plastic Lawn edging

I actually really enjoy now the retail part on best4garden, there are very interesting parts in it. It feels that I am taking part in a project when people order the heavy duty lawn edging and tell me about the big project they are doing- last week it was 225m to a group of volunteers that renew a very old garden! so I am hoping for good photos.There are many new products but even the flag item the lawn edging is having new versions like 10cm deep heavy duty lawn edging and 12cm deep heavy duty lawn edging, and seems like there is a good interest.At this season of the year I work more direct to consumers- and seo is one part of it. seems like getting better on search engines results for 'terms plastic lawn edging', 'root barrier' and more.Started a small campaign with gardening monthly and amateur gardening magazines offering a discount voucher on our products.We also planing to emil customers a link to a product review and add a discount voucher, and may ask for a photo to add a lawn edging gallery online.Still trying to find lawn suppliers/aggregate suppliers that want to offer a good product or to support business by swapping links adverts. ( after all having about 400-700 visits a day on our site might help )few photos from last year customers

heavy duty edging strimmer resistant -in the photo.

''green enviro'' lawn edging- this lighter lawn edging is in a photo 1.5 years after intalled and does not get brittled.I would say that it is a bit too high above ground but that is how the customer preferred to installed it.the green enviro lawn edging 1mm is now available in black too.plastic lawn edging
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