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Hi, have read this forum for a long time and find I very useful, however, this is the first time I have posted.I know its only early September, but I have recently began thinking about winter work. This year I want to really push winter services to existing clients and make them aware of work I can carry out during winter months.How does everyone go about this? Is It a case of just dropping It into conversation as and when you see the client? Does anybody type letters up or have flyers printed to push winter services?Any advice would be appreciated,Thanks, Gareth

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  • Winter work very much depends on what the weather is like in your area. If you have a warm winter you may be able to continue to cut grass most of the time. Otherwise you can treat fences, dig over garden, Reduce hedges, Prune trees, Clear Gutters, Patio cleaning, and even putting up Christmas lighting.

    If the winter is very cold, then snow clearing may be in order.???

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    Hi Gareth,

    I'm with you this year with wanting to push winter services. Previously I've been studying over winter, or grateful of a breather. Now I've got two others on board it's a little different.  

    Through my website, Wix gives me two free 'shoutouts' per month. With some elderly, and some unopened, we can reach half of of customer base this way. One email per month might be general info, another a season specific upsell - eg this time of year in order - lawn renovation, lawn scarification, autumn treatments, winter gardening services (educate regarding winter mowing?), lawn aeration... so on. 

    This year I've got a letter ready. Ideally this will be handed to each customer in person where possible as it might just start a conversation on the spot - or it may generate a couple of recommendations, time will tell. At least it will reach everyone. The great thing about it and the emails is that all can be recycled for each year. 

    Suggesting what you could do on the spot / up selling face to face is always the best method as you can point out exact what can be done and what you can offer. Working through the contacts list and speaking to the ones you don't see in person is another move.

    I don't feel that winter specific marketing for new customers is something that would bring us new customers under the name of 'Kingsbury Lawn Care', with me preferring to make the best use of the customers and contact / email list built to date - relatively inexpensive.

    I plan on emailing and getting letters out in the first two weeks of Oct - before that and it's still a while before we can fit extra in. 

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      I have highlighted Winter garden services on my advertising material and increased distribution , Services such as pruning , seasonal garden preparation , storm repair , fences , tree limbs , Hedge cutting , leaf clearance , and added path , decking and patio cleaning , gutter cleaning i may consider but only using a vacuum cleaner with extension pipes .  Already had some interest in keeping a couple of populated properties leaf free over winter so organised customers are planning ahead it seems . 

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    If this winter is the same as last, then here in the Surrey I won't have time for winter work, things didn't really slow down this past season...
  • As Adrian said it depends where you are. I am in Scotland and after the end of November till early march the ground is frozen solid and frosty and below 0 degrees most days so it is hibernate time. But in the south of England it would be easier to get winter work
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    Im in the South and cut up to end November/beginning December and then out again end feb/beginning March. I dont really want "winter" specific work. Christmas is time off and January for sorting equipment and any paperwork outstanding. February is walking the streets dropping flyers.

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    I maintain you can work 12 months a year in this 'industry' if you plan ahead and are flexible with the types of work you are willing to perform.

    If you're a ST then whether you do is a life style decision you can make.

    If you employ staff and you consider them your most valuable asset, then you will look to plan ahead and decide on how to handle 'winter'.

    My mate always 'moans' about no winter work available, but the truth of it when out for a beer is that he doesn't want to work (and somewhat goes for the sympathy vote from his partner while he puts his feet up and takes s 'break'). No problem with that, but just be open that it really is his decision...,
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    I've got a little page on the web site about winter work - that probaly needs expanding a bit, but it gives some ideas of the jobs that you can be doing.

    For us here in the mild mild west, the focus is on restoration, renovation, pruning, composting, lots of mulching, jet washing,   - all horticultural issues. Keeps us busy.

    Winter Gardening
    preparing for the summer garden with winter garden tasks
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      That's nicely presented on your website . 

      Winter Gardening
      preparing for the summer garden with winter garden tasks
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      great website gareth, ill bookmark it -- i work glocs and would gladly pass it on to any large / historic site. 

      Winter Gardening
      preparing for the summer garden with winter garden tasks
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